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Cyrus Factory Reprocessed 6DAC with CDT

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Cyrus Factory Reprocessed 6DAC with CDT

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Price: £2000.00


Cyrus Factory Reprocessed 6 DAC amplifier with CDT CD Player & Free optical cable. Available with Online Finance and Free Delivery

Cyrus Reprocessed items may be ex-demonstration or items returned with some cosmetic marks or blemishes, they are thoroughly re-tested and re-packaged at the factory to ensure they match the same high standards as new Cyrus products.  

These Reprocessed items carry a full 3 year Cyrus warranty.

The 6 DAC is our award-winning high quality amplifier and digital to analogue converter offering 57 Watts per channel.

Its built-in digital to analogue converter reads the highest 24-bit files and transforms them into the music your speakers love in high definition. As well as including the 6 DAC in your hi-fi system, you can use it to play music directly from your computer or plug it into your TV or satellite box.

The CD t is an audiophile CD transport widely seen as the best CD transport in its class because it uses many of the top end components put into our flagship CD Xt Signature. As well as our unique Servo Evolution disc reading engine, the CD t houses many advanced components which make the sound it produces really stunning and impressive.

A multi-regulated power supply allows the Servo Evolution software to work with miniscule precision, pulling huge amounts of data from your disc and transporting that to a separate DAC without adding or taking away anything from the music itself.

A complex re-clocking circuit with close tolerance crystal VCO is used, resulting in sound that is pure and full.

In tests it produces industry leading read error rates, which is why the CD t is often named the best CD transport in its price range.

Special Offer Package Includes:

1x Cyrus CDT

1x Cyrus 6 Dac Amliifier

1x Cyrus IR14 Remote

1x Optical Digital Cable

1x Set of Speaker Connection Plugs