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Diapason Adamantes 25th Anniversary Edition Speakers

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Diapason Adamantes 25th with Stands

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Diapason Adamantes 25th Anniversary Edition Speakers. Available with 0% online finance and free delivery.

Diapason Adamantes III 25th - simplicity, quality without compromise and advanced research are the keynotes of design at Diapason. The Adamantes has been in production since 1989 and remains unique for its diamond shape, Direct Drive technology and convincing natural sound.

The Adamantes cabinets are made entirely from solid canaletto walnut, following generations old procedures handed on to the master craftsmen of today.

The multi-faceted diamond shape of Adamantes was created to provide a circular pattern of sound emission from the loudspeaker, thereby giving a close approximation to the theoretical ideal of point-source radiation. The diamond cabinet shape and the varying thicknesses of wood also provide excellent rigidity and internal damping, ensuring freedom from unwanted resonance. All of this allows the loudspeaker to `disappear` from the musical scene leaving the soundstage solidly created in the space before the listener.

Adamantes III 25th joins the Diapason family in time to mark the quarter-century of production of this famous loudspeaker, designed by Alessandro Schiavi in 1989. Adamantes - which owes its name to the ancient Greek word meaning diamond - embodies some ingenious thinking in acoustic design. DDD or Diapason Direct Drive is a technique that dispenses with the normal low-pass filter found in most loudspeakers. The benefit of this can be clearly heard and appreciated in the greater sense of speed, clarity and dynamics.

Frequency Response: 40/20kHz

Sensitivity: 91dB/W/M

Nominal/Minimum Impedance: 6Ohm/3.4Ohm

Weight, each: 8 kgs

Dimensions: 240x360x365

Finish: solid canaletto walnut