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Roksan Darius S1 Loudspeakers including matching stands

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Roksan Darius S1 Loudspeakers including stands
Roksan Darius S1 Loudspeakers including stands
Roksan Darius S1 Loudspeakers
Roksan Darius S1 Loudspeakers

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Roksan Darius S1 Loudspeaker Special Clearance Offer including uprated 4 point stands for stability.  Available with 0% Online Finance and Free Delivery.

Here we have the very last stocks of this famous speaker that has been understandably killed off by Monitor Audio when they bought Roksan, these have the latest silver coloured customized rigid aluminium bass / mid drive unit and include modified and uprated 4 point stands for stability. 

What Hi-Fi say... " They have a wonderfully fluid delivery that blends attack, insight and refinement well " 
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It had long been a dream of Roksan to create a reference loudspeaker that delivered an open, detailed sound, superior bass response and high efficiency housed in the modest dimensions of a standmount design. The Darius S1 is the exciting result of this desire. For quite some time we have been working on applying our knowledge of room acoustics into the design to create the best possible bass reproduction from a small cabinet. 

Normally a significantly larger drive unit would be used to reach the desired bass frequencies in a speaker the size of the Darius S1. However, the excellent customized 5.5 inch unit employed here is extremely rigid and can move up to 12mm. This means the unit really moves some air to create fast and deep bass. In combination with the double bass reflex port design this creates something quite unique and special in a speaker of this size! 

The significant choice of the excellent Aurum Cantus aluminium ribbon tweeter also contributes greatly to its superlative sound quality - marrying the deep and tight bass with a highly detailed, open midrange and treble and pin-point imaging. What’s more, there was exhaustive work applied to the Darius S1 to allow it to be placed in a variety of positions within a room to no detriment of the performance, making it a very flexible and ‘real-world’ audiophile-level speaker.

The method by which we voiced the Darius also contributes to this ‘real-world’ approach: Initial measurement was conducted using pink noise in a variety of positions within a ‘normal situation’ environment, both at near and far distance. Meanwhile listening tests ensued in combination with measurement, initially in mono and with very basic source players and material. All of this was to create the worst possible scenario in which to create the best possible performance by way of crossover and cabinet changes and modifications. After these initial measurement and listening tests we progressed to advanced stereo set-up listening using experienced ears and high quality equipment and source material. 

This intense methodology has been arduous but ultimately worthwhile as without doubt, we feel that the Darius S1 is the best performing and most involving, exciting loudspeaker that we have ever produced. And we are convinced you’ll agree! 

• Ultra-high quality Aurum Cantus aluminum ribbon tweeter delivering super-fast transients
• 5” customized rigid aluminium bass / mid drive unit, extended long-throw design for increased bass speed and depth
• Use of very high quality Mundorf components, chosen for superior audiophile performance and reliability
• Extremely rigid and carefully designed cabinet constructed from high quality MDF material with internal decoupling and bracing.
• High-quality black or white piano lacquer finish.
• Optional matching stand that can be securely bolted to the cabinet.

Tweeter:     Aluminium ribbon design
Woofer:       5.5-inch customized design, optimally tuned
Crossover:   Mundorf components, air core baked inductors, polypropylene low inductance capacitors, metal-oxide resistors Pin to pin soldered, elements for tweeter and woofer are located on separate plates, silver coated cabling
Enclosure:       High quality MDF material, internally reinforced, braced and decoupled, filled with wool, coated with piano lacquer
Input Power: 40-200 watts (recommended)
Sensitivity:       89dB
Impedance:     4Ohms
Dimensions:     376 x 200 x 376 (mm, length x width x depth)
Net Weight: 13.4kg
Finishes: Black or White Piano Lacquer