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Roksan K3 CD Di & AMP with ProAc S148 speakers

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Roksan K3 with ProAc S148

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Roksan K3 CDDi player and K3 Amplifier with ProAc S148 speakers available with 0% Online Finance & Free Delivery. Why not add our suggested cable package at checkout? - Combined purchases over £4000 qualify for 3 years Interest Free Credit and Free Delivery.

The idea behind the Roksan K3 CD Di is to provide audio enthusiasts with a high-quality digital source that will not only play an existing CD library to the expected audiophile standard, but will also host an array of other digital sources as one audiophile ‘hub’. By incorporating both the CD player and the DAC into one box, users can both save space by avoiding the need for extra boxes and guarantee consistent audio performance across all digital platforms.

Roksan's K3 Integrated Amplifier is a beautiful thing to behold. With its elegant new design, phenomenal sound characteristics and aptX® Bluetooth streaming capability, this new amplifier is truly orientated toward today’s discerning audiophile.

ProAc's latest, the studio 148 is a narrow columnar design with a stabilising plinth and bass port pre-drilled for adjustable spikes.  The beautiful and real wood veneers are impeccable making it suitable for all types of room design.  There are 3 drive units in each enclosure, the two 6.5 inch units cover bass frequencies but each one has been mechanically tuned to cover mid frequencies.