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Van den Hul SkyTrack BiWire Speaker Cable (per m)

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The Van Den Hul SKYTRACK HYBRID is an elegant small quadruple conductor loudspeaker cable with outstanding qualities. (Bi-Wire)

The SKYTRACK HYBRID is the lowest priced member of our AWG 14 quadruple lead / biwiring loudspeaker cable range which consists of The CLEARTRACK, The SNOWTRACK and The SKYTRACK HYBRID.
The SKYTRACK HYBRID is the only Hybrid cable in this range:Each lead combines 19 high purity Oxygen Free Copper strands with a coating containing our Linear Structured Carbon ®; This combination of metal and carbon (hybrid technology) has excellent properties when it comes to resolution and neutrality, and therefore is standard applied in all of our heavier loudspeaker cables.

The SKYTRACK HYBRID has been designed to be less flexible than its above mentioned colleagues, reflecting its aim to be used in more permanent high quality loudspeaker wiring applications.

The SKYTRACK HYBRID is 13.6 mm. wide and 3.4 mm. thick. Each of its four 2.04 mm conductors exhibit a resistance of 0.84 Ohm/100 m.

The cable’s jacket is made of sky-blue coloured HULLIFLEX ® 3, a robust halogen free material excellently capable of shielding the copper conductors from the chemically threatening outside world.
The cable’s sky-blue colour quite accurately represents its sonic character: as clear as a cloudless blue sky.

Polarity determination is simple: the four conductors have different insulator shapes, furthermore, one set has two cuts and the other set has only one cut and a flat surface at the other side with type printing.

It is advised to use the two inside conductors as the cold (-) leads and both outer conductors as the hot (+) leads

Sold per single metre and in terminated lengths using our own high quality 4mm Z Plugs