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Tacima IFI-23 Three Stage Mains Filter

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The Tacima IFI-23 has three stages for the individual who requires that extra level of coverage.

Technical Specifications (typical figures)
Three stage Filter With 6x Output connections (3 Pin UK) 
Insertion Loss dB 
150 kHz. 58
3MHz. 80
30 MHz. 55 
1 GHz. 22

Operating Voltage 220-250V ac
Max Current rating 13A
Max Surge Protection L_N 6500A, L-E 6500A, N-E 6500A
Max Voltage Spike Protection 6,000 Volts
No Neon Indicator These can inject noise into your Hi-Fi and effect the sound quality
Mains Lead Our superior mains cable uses multi layer screening to help provide protection against radiated outside interference.

1.5mm sq 3 core mains cable oversheathed in VN207/2 clear PVC
Incorporating, Melinex tape, Aliminium Foil Screen and Tinned Copper cross hatch braiding.

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