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Unison Research S6 Amplifier with Roksan M2 CD and ProAc D20R speakers

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Unison Research S6 Amplifier with Roksan M2 CD and ProAc D20R speakers. Available with 0% Online Finance and Free Delivery

The New Roksan Caspian M2 CD player utilises a one piece optimised mother board, de-coupled mechanism and dedicated transformer/power supplies for the analogue filters and the outputs. The dynamic resolution of the M2 handles the loudest to quietest musical passages with flair and ease making any genre of music a joy to listen to. The resolution of detail is like being within a ‘musical envelope’ bringing an almost analogue feel to the whole experience; a perfect match to the astonishing M2 Integrated amplifier. More Info HERE

The Unison Research S6 integrated amplifier offers personality, refinement and aesthetics...and a totally new amplifier design from a mechanical standpoint. The latest version of the S6 has been steadily updated and improved over the years to the point where it is easily one of the most respected integrated amplifiers in the world. The contrasting highlights of the wooden inlays on the front panel also reveal the technical sophistication of this amplifier, emphasising the pride of ownership that comes with the term “Made in Italy.” More Info HERE

The ProAc D20R with Ribbon Tweeter upgrades the sound quality in all areas. Improvements comprise of a new cabinet with bass loading as used in D30 and D40 models. A new crossover network and a ProAc ribbon tweeter as used in D30 D40 K6. The result is a wonderful open and expansive midrange with a substantial bass, ProAc ribbon tweeter giving sweet and detailed high frequencies, a large sound stage is also a bonus.

Why not add our optional recommended cable pack? - Chord Company Anthem Reference RCA cable (CD to Amp) and a 3m Pair of Chord Epic speaker cables terminated with our gold plated Z plugs. (worth over £700)

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