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Project Power Box RS Amp Power supply upgrade

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The Project Power Box RS Amp is a dedicated upgraded power supply for a range of Box Design products. When integrated into your hi-fi system the Power Box RS Amp helps to deliver far better dynamics and bass response from your music and a greatly improved soundstage. On all stereo Box Design products (Amp Box, DS/RS & Stereo Box RS) the Power Box RS Amp is capable of nearly doubling the output power giving you greater control of your music.

The linear power supply consists of a big toroidal transformer with shielding between the primary and secondary winding which acts as an isolation transformer and avoids penetration of interference into amplifier. With its low output impedance and combination of large filtration capability it is the perfect upgrade for your Box Design amplifier.

 Advice: To avoid magnetic interference do not stack amplifier and Power Box RS Amp.

One Power Box RS Amp is able to supply either 1 Amp Box RS or DS (Stereo) or 1 Stereo Box RS or 2 Amp Box RS Mono or 2 Amp Box DS Mono.

Key Features:

Replaces original “switching” power supplies
Almost double amplifier power output combined with Amp Box RS, Amp Box DS & Stereo Box RS (2x 200/120 watts 4/8 ohms)
Significant sound improvement with better dynamic and bass response, improved soundstage
Compatible with Amp Box RS, Amp Box RS Mono, Stereo Box RS but also with Amp Box DS or Amp Box DS Mono
Big toroidal transformer with copper shielding  
Very low output impedance
Filtration capability 40.000 uF capacitors low ESR types

Technical Data:

Input Voltage: AC 230V/50Hz IEC C15
Output Voltage: 2 x 48V / 2.5A DC
Filtration Capacity: 40,000 MicroFarads
Output Voltage Ripple: 7mV
Power Consumption: 600W (Max)
Dimensions W x H x D: 206 x 72 x 200mm
Weight: 4.8kg

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