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Q Acoustics Q Media 4 Soundbar

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Q-Acoustics Q-M 4 Soundbar - The Q Acoustics Media 4 is a high performance soundbar, designed to deliver high fidelity music and high quality audio from a TV, set top box, tablets and smartphones. SoundBars are primarily designed to improve the sound of your TV. This new powerful 2.1 SoundBar from Q Acoustics not only excels in the TV and AV department but sounds superb with music.

The Q Acoustics M4 features advanced ‘BMR’ (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drive units, which produce extraordinarily wide sound dispersion. This not only creates clear room filling sound, but also means every listener will enjoy the same outstanding sound quality wherever they sit in the listening room.

The M4’s real bass is created by its acoustically matched, built-in, high performance subwoofer. You will enjoy a genuine ‘cinema’ audio experience with the Q M4, compared with using your TV speakers alone.

Naturally, because the Q M4 is a ‘Hi-Fi’ Soundbar, it is designed to play music and movies with equal accomplishment.

With both analogue and optical inputs, the unit is in reality a complete one-box, standalone hi-fi system in it’s own right. It can also be used with a variety of other entertainment sources such as streaming services like Spotify, CD players, portable music players, computers and internet radio.

The Q Acoustics Media 4 has analogue and digital inputs – though it's only digital optical not HDMI – as well as wireless aptX Bluetooth streaming and NFC connectivity.

A stereo, 2.1 speaker configuration, the Q Acoustics M4 soundbar measures 9 x 100 x 14cm, and delivers 100 watts of power, while the downward-firing, active subwoofer has a 15 x 12cm, elliptical design.

There are four audio inputs: a digital optical input, two stereo analogue inputs (one 3.5mm and one stereo input) and an aptX Bluetooth receiver for streaming wireless music from a phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device.


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