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Established in the UK 30 years ago, Roksan is one of the world's most recognised names in high-fidelity audio. Our components are the recipients of an unprecedented number of worldwide awards and numerous five star reviews.

Ranging from vinyl replay stystems to amplification, digital sources and stylush wireless streaming, Roksan's comprehensive range of products is the choice of thousands of discerning customers throughout the globe with a passion for both music and British audio engineering.

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Oxygene CD Player

Oxygene CD Player

The Roksan Oxygene CD Player is the end result of countless hours of experimentation, fine-tuning and a relentless dedication to sonic perfection.

When first visiting the Oxygene CD Player, you will immediately notice the lack of buttons and switches. A sleek, innovative design with only the words ‘Less is More’ discretely printed on top of the cabinet is all that you can see.

But as well as being a statement of intent, these three touch-sensitive words control all the necessary functions of the player. Touch MORE to select the next track on the disc or LESS to select the previous track. Touching IS gives access to more functions. The perfect exterior is a constant reminder of the craftsmanship within.

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Radius 7 Turntable

The New Radius 7 turntable from Roksan picks up where the Radius 5.2 left off with its stunning looks and superlative performance, but now it operates at an even higher level.

The Radius 7’s new advanced motor uses trickle-down technology borrowed from the flagship RPM turntable power supply. Like the RPM, it is electrically switchable from 33 to 45 and maintains beat-perfect accuracy during every use. The new motor now has a smart LED visual indicator built in via a coloured LED to let you know when you're switching between 33 or 45rpm.

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Radius Mk 2

Roksan K3 Amplifier

K3 Integrated Amplifier

Roksan's K3 Integrated Amplifier is a beautiful thing to behold. With its elegant new design, phenomenal sound characteristics and aptX® Bluetooth streaming capability, this new amplifier is truly orientated toward today’s discerning audiophile.

The K3 boasts power and bass drive in abundance, along with superb sound staging and engaging detail. You can stream music via any Bluetooth enabled device and the aptX® coding allows streaming of high resolution audio files from a compatible source. To add to its versatility there is also a built-in Moving Magnet phono stage and five line level inputs for connecting all your required sources.

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