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Ruark Audio

Ruark Audio are a family-owned British company, passionate about sound and design. Ruark have been making world-class loudspeakers enjoyed by music and audio enthusiasts for over thirty years. Today they’ve applied those same principles to design and create a new generation of perfectly formed music systems with wide ranging appeal that look fabulous in any space, whether your living room, bedroom or office.

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R2 Mk3 Music System

R2 Mk3 Music System

Whilst the new R2 appears similar to its forerunners, through painstaking design, it has evolved so virtually everything about it is new. Notably it incorporates technology which allows you to access your own music and broadcasts and discover new music in a variety of convenient ways.

The new R2 is undoubtedly a technological tour-de-force and one of the most desirable compact music systems available, but what makes the new R2 really special is its sound! Sound quality is our heritage and we believe that technology means little if the end result is a tinny or unnatural sound. The new R2 is a product which we are confident will bring fresh enjoyment to your everyday listening and hence our tagline - ‘made for music’.

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R1 Mk3 Deluxe Tabletop Radio

At first glance, the new R1 appears remarkably similar to its predecessors, but look closely and you will see that everything about it has been refined. Our updated ‘RotoDial’ control system looks slick, and combined with the latest OLED display, provides a control interface which is clear and intuitive to use. The enclosure retains the same attractive dimensions, but with new lacquer finishes and a crisper design for the front and rear panels, the craftsmanship and desirability of the new R1 has been raised to an even greater level.

With its refreshed look, honed performance and addition of Bluetooth audio streaming, the new R1 has been painstakingly evolved, making it, we believe, the best and most complete tabletop radio available.

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Ruark Audio R1 Mk3 Walnut Radio

R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

With stunning design and amazing audio quality, it’s a revolutionary music centre in the true spirit of the classic radiogram, which we guarantee will reignite your passion for music and radio.

Based on our trademark design cues which make our products unique, with R7 we’ve created an object which will enhance your life and home! In a recent article the Telegraph Magazine said “the R7 doesn’t blend into the furniture: you’d happily design your entire living room around it”! This is exactly the response we were hoping for, but for us this is only the beginning, as the true splendour of R7 is revealed in its majestic sound that will have you rediscovering the joys of radio and your music collection all over again.

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