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Cyrus Pre 2 DAC-QXR Digital Pre-Amp with Cyrus X-Power Amplifier ...Saving £800

Cyrus Pre 2 DAC-QXR Digital Pre Amplifier offers a sonic step up in performance from the Pre2 DAC because of our superb sounding QXR DAC card. The QXR DAC sounds more open and detailed than ever with an ability to paint a captivating 3D image for your music.

11 inputs, 6 x analogue and 5 digital.
Many luxury features include; clear backlit screen, user configurable input names,
Adding a PSX-R Mk2 will enhance the preamp’s resolution.

Cyrus Pre2 DAC QXR Pre Amplifier with 32-bit/768kHz DAC

Dedicated pre-amplifier remains isolated from any power amp for reduced noise

QXR upgraded DAC with 32-bit/768kHz through asynchronous USB

Optical and coaxial inputs re-clock signal to reduce jitter

Improved digital audio from PC, TV and CD transport

Connect to other Cyrus products for an improved system, such as the PSX R2 power supply

Cyrus X Power Power Amplifier features...

Power Supply Upgradable with Cyrus PSX-R2

Mono Bridgeable to 181 watts

With a PSX-R2, an X Power can provide up to 120 watts (stereo) or 240 watts (mono) per channel (into 4 Ohms).

Unique 'Zero feedback' topology - Inherently natural, high resolution musical reproduction

Separate voltage and current amplifiers - Exceptional load tolerance, drive power and finesse

RCA/BAL input options - Flexibility of installation

Fully buffered Chain output - Easy Bi/Tri amping

Extensive use of Star-Earthing technique - Enhanced low level resolution

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Cyrus Pre 2 DAC-QXR with X-Power Amplifier ...Saving £800

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From £36.02 per month

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