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Everyone is now fully aware of the unprecedented situation caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the daily challenges that we all face.

As a result, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close our store and all online operations until further notice.

We hope you will understand our actions are to protect our staff.



An amplifier is the heart of your hi-fi system, accepting connections from your music sources (such as Music StreamerTurntable, CD Player etc) and amplifying these for connection to your speakers. A two (or more) box pre and power amp combination is often most desirable and can produce the best sound quality. The most popular hi-fi amp is the integrated amplifier, which combines these into one box. Valve amplifiers typically offer a warmer sound and headphone amplifiers are dedicated to giving you the best sound through headphones only. At Vickers HiFi, we stock a range of leading brands including Pathos, Cyrus, Roksan and many more. If you need any advice on amplifiers and speaker matching, please call or e-mail