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Pathos’ Synapse is a balanced two-stage stereo pre-amplifier that represents Pathos’ state-of-the-art technology. It is zero feedback, is entirely bi-monaural and has dual power supply, dual line stage, dual control signals, dual grounding, hybrid differential line stage with dual transistor, triodes and MOSFET and direct coupling class A. It is the perfect partner for an amplifier like Pathos’ Adrenalin.

Components are Completely Separated

Synapse has separated the power stage from the signal stage to keep the electrically noisy parts from interfering with the audio signal. To do this the Synapse fuses two chassis. One section has the power supply and all the control logic, including the fluorescent display, while the other section contains the stages of analogue signal management.

You may even describe this pre-amplifier as a three chassis unit because the line stages of two channels are completely separated on the power supply and ground level. Complete separation keeps each component from being interfered.

Zero Ground Loop

Photo couplers are used to guarantee the circuits are separated between the power/display section and the other two stages. Because of this layout, there is no ground loop. There’s a complete electrical disconnection of all inputs, so that only the selected input is electrically connected to its line stage while all others are open including ground level.

Synapse’s Volume Memory

A remarkable characteristic of the Synapse is the memory of set level on each input to avoid annoying volume changes when changing from one input to another. Total amplification may be fixed at 0dB, +6dB or +12dB allowing you to take full advantage of the sophisticated level regulators that permit the use of centre width and have a good resolution on the setting.

Synapse Display

The fluorescent user display is a really nice feature that shows useful information needed during use such as selected input, attenuation, channel balance, input disabling, gain block of inputs, customization of inputs name and gain setting etc.


- Inputs: 3 balanced XLR, 3 single ended RCA

- Outputs: 2 main balanced XLR

- Frequency response: 1Hz - 100KHz, (200KHz @ -3dB)

- THD: 0,04% @ 4 Vrms

- Volume control: 0,5dB - 168 steps

- Tubes: 4x 6H30

- Dimensions: 530mm (D) x 430mm (W) x 260mm (H)


- Weight: 23Kg

Pathos Synapse Pre Amplifier

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