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The Pathos Acoustics Inpol2 is the latest creation from Pathos, so-called because in the design Pathos presents the 2nd generation of their proprietary INPOL® technology. It is also a completely balanced dual-mono configuration – easily recognized by the styling. INPOL®, which carries a worldwide patent and gave birth to the multi-award winning products TT and InPower, has undergone advanced evolution. The Pathos INPOL 2 is a unique amplifier in many aspects and its sound quality will simply astound.

According to the principles of the INPOL technology, the INPOL2 is constructed as a hybrid with CLASS A amplification (45watt) and an impressively wide bandwidth in a feedback-free layout. The preamplifier is entirely tube-based, balanced and optimized for feeding the mosfet output stage to maximum effect. Tubes are still the best components for amplifying the signal voltage, in order to preserve the harmonic integrity of the input signal  

A solid state stage is used to provide high current at low impedance, in order to drive any loudspeaker accurately. The power stage is entirely balanced by the use of two INPOL circuits that are driven in opposite phase to each other, for virtual cancellation of distortion without using any feedback. Large coils are used as energy reserves in order to deliver the current in a fast, effective and precise manner.  

Pathos engineers have chosen yet another "unorthodox approach" in the power supply - PHYSICS™ (Pathos Hybrid Stabilised Independent Current Supply) The pre-amplification section is operated by a power supply, dedicated for the tubes, which needs low current. The output stage is fed by a switch mode power supply. The reason for this choice is the output stage’s great demand of current at low load impedance as-well as high efficiency and independency of variations on the mains. The two power supplies are completely separated and carefully shielded.

The overall sound of the INPOL2 is no less than stunning in its detail and involvement and is as close to the top of the range InPower and InControl as possible. The musical, rich and warm sound from the tubes combined with the pace and dynamic from the mosfets results in excellent performance. It is easy to discern that this is an INPOL amplifier due to the absence of listening fatigue combined with transparency, presence, the enormous soundstage and the capability of reproducing all instruments realistically – all the factors of true high fidelity.  

Main specifications: 

Type:  integreted stereo amplifier based on INPOL techonology, operating in pure class A

Power output:  2 x 45 W @ 8 Ohm

Feedback:  absent

Frequency response:  10Hz-80KHz +/- 0.5 dB

THD:  < 0.05%

S/N ratio:  >90 dB

Input impedance:  100 K Ohm

Input:  7 line, of which 5 RCA and 2 balanced XLR

Output:  1 RCA tape out, 1 pre-amplifier subwoofer, 2 speaker outputs pre channel

Pathos InPol2 Mk.2 Valve Integrated Amplifier

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