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Pathos Classic One MkIII is an integrated reference amplifier designed to offer the best audio performances for the price. It combines a balanced, class A, tube pre-amplifier with a solid-state class A/AB power amplifier together in a single chassis but both have their own individual power supplies. The MK3 retains the same look as the previous models but has had a comprehensive component upgrade.

Classic One Mk3’s Hybrid Design

The Classic One Mk3 is a hybrid amplifier; it combines both solid-state and tube technologies. The pre-amp is a balanced, 100% tube, class A, low noise and high intrinsic linearity pre-amp.

It provides a classic tube sound in terms of transparency, air and harmonics. The power stage is a solid-state power amplifier, Class A/AB in order to adequately drive every load. It provides the sound with speed and dynamics without influencing the tube sound.

Classic One’s Improvements

The Classic One MK3 has improved it’s components to create a much better unit. Pathos have used pure silver Pathos signal cable wiring, gold plated terminals, high quality materials and detailed refinement to get the highest standard. A high quality op-amp is used to drive the mosfet power amplifier; it is an ultra low noise and very low distortion op-amp.

Burr-Brown Volume Control

Pathos Classic One Mk3 has a new volume control designed with Burr-Brown, which is more linear and it can accept up to +/-12V of audio signal. This avoids the input saturation when a CD player has high voltage output (5V). A new power supply is also included.

Classic One’s Circuit Protection

A lot of upgrades in the Classic one MkIII have been made to help prevent circuit shortages. A particular electronic stage that been added to protect the power amplifiers against short-circuit on the speaker connectors.

This particular network is a high impedance stage that feels the current and saves the output stage when a short circuit happens. High quality speaker connectors that are protected with transparent plastic are added, again to avoid short circuits.

Remote Controlled

The Mk3 uses an electronic attenuator for volume control, it moves in half-dB steps from full volume down to zero. The volume is also remote controlled; the remote itself is in solid wood.

The Look

Pathos Classic One mk3 has a traditional valve look and is perfect if you want the vintage vibe. The front panel also comes in two finishes, ‘black’ and ‘padouk wood’.


- Integrated amp in Class A/AB

- Hybrid circuit with tube stage, bridgeable

- Output: 2 x 70W @8 Ohms, 2 x 135W @4 Ohms

 180W @ 8 Ohm in bridged mode (mono)

- Inputs: 1 balanced XLR, 4 unbalanced RCA

- Frequency response: 2Hz ÷ 100kHz

- THD: <0.05%

- Signal/noise ratio: 90dB

- Input impedance: 100kOhm


Pathos Classic One Mk.3 Valve Integrated Amplifier

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