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AURALiC ARIES G3 Wireless Streaming Processor

The ARIES G3 goes beyond being just a simple transport or bridge, as it offers multiple inputs and a powerful co-processor that enables it to function as a preamplifier for digital connections. This makes the ARIES G3 an ideal centerpiece for your digital system. In addition to the improvements made to the ARIES G2.2, the ARIES G3 features several other significant advances:

Proteus X1 Co-Processor

Proteus X1 co-processor is built around a Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA chip with over 200,000 logic cells and 740 DSP slices. This chip shares the Tesla G3 system memory, enabling powerful data processing capabilities. With advanced processing techniques, Proteus X1 elevates the listening experience. Sub optimal and early digital recordings can benefit from Proteus X1's impressive processing power. The optimization process removes harshness and potentially improves the experience of listening to an inferior recording. Music gains substance, space, and extra dynamic range as a result.

Multiple Digital Inputs

The ARIES G3 offers a comprehensive range of digital inputs, including USB Audio, Coaxial (2), Toslink (2), AES/EBU, and HDMI eARC (to be added via a software update in the future). Incoming signals from these inputs are recorded as binary data into the Tesla G3's memory, which eliminates any potential for jitter. The data can then be processed and corrected using Proteus X1, based on the user's preferences, before being outputted either as processed or bit-perfectly, with a defined latency, to the desired output channel.

Dual 60fs Femto Clock

ARIES G3 aims to be the best possible digital audio source, achieved by the implementation of a dual 60fs Femto clocks - one for 44.1x and another for 48x sampling rate frequencies. These audio-optimized clocks have extremely low close-in phase noise and can greatly enhance sound quality, setting a new standard for signal timing. For the ultimate performance, adding LEO GX.1 will deliver a true state-of-the-art digital source experience.

NVMe SSD Internal Storage (Optional)

With the new Tesla G3 processing platform in place, this has upgraded their internal storage from traditional SATA based SSD or HDD to the most advanced NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD storage option.This upgrade offers numerous benefits, including outstanding data transfer speeds and dependability, ensuring a seamless experience for storing and playing digital music.Thanks to the Direct Memory Access (DMA) technology, NVMe storage offers significantly faster transfer speeds and lower latency than traditional storage options, resulting in improved performance and faster access to stored music.




AURALIC ARIES G3 Streaming Transporter

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