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Clearaudio Balance V2 phono stage

How do you balance simplicity with complexity?

Clearaudio’s balance plus phono stage managed it with ease and now the new balance V2 advances its technologies while losing none of the equilibrium. On the one hand, its design remains elegantly unfussy and its operation effortlessly intuitive. And yet at the same time, the balance V2 offers an array of options to adjust and fine-tune its performance to your particular system and preferences.

The sleek casing is crafted from precision-milled aluminium, which is also available with an anodized black finish. As well as the usual RCA outputs, the balance V2 features balanced XLR outputs and a 6.3 plug headphone output.   All RCA inputs and outputs are gold-plated for superior signal transmission.

Besides the Manual volume control you can choose between mute and automatic mode by button. A simple switch allows you to choose between moving magnet and moving coil mode. From there, the balance V2 will automatically harmonize with almost any highend phono cartridge without you needing to make any further adjustments.

High precision RIAA equalization achieves an accuracy of within 0.1 dB, while an optional subsonic filter attenuates any unwanted low frequency noise. A separate power supply in its own aluminium casing keeps any potential unwanted interference at bay. With this small yet high-performance package, Clearaudio effectively balances audiophile-quality technology with a simplicity that can be enjoyed by any music enthusiast. Just take a seat and enjoy.



  • Mode: mm/mc (subsonic filter switchable)
  • Amplification @ 1 khz: +46 db (mm mode) | +66 db (mc mode)
  • Input Impedance47 kohm / 270 pf / mm mode | 500 ohm / 270 pf / mc mode
  • MM / MC Input: switchable (on bottom panel)
  • RIAA: 75 μs / 318 μs / 3180 μs, 2 passive filter
  • RIAA: Accuracy: ± 0.1 db
  • THD: < 0.001% (iec a)
  • Signal to noise ratio: 78 db (mm mode) | 69 db (mc mode)
  • Channel Separation: > 92 db (@ 1 khz)
  • Max. output voltage: >12 v (@ 1 khz) 
  • Subsonic Filter: 20 hz (–6 db / oct.; switchable on bottom panel, on each channel)
  • Power Consumption: max. consumption: 6.6 watts | Standby Mode: <0.3 watts | Off Mode: 0.0 watts
  • Operation Voltage: ± 18 v dc (+21v dc external power supply; 1.4m cable length)
  • Output Connections: unbalanced (rca) | balanced (xlr) | headphone output (jack 6.3mm) 
  • Total Weight: approx. 2.3 kg (preamp) |approx. 1.4 kg (power supply)
  • Dimensions (w/d/h in inches): preamp: 9.44 × 5.71 (6.22 with rca) × 2.44 | Power Supply: 9.44 × 5.71 × 2.44
  • Dimensions (w/d/h in mm): preamp 240 × 145 (158 with rca) × 62 | Power supply: 240 × 145 × 62

Clearaudio Balance V2 variable output phono Pre-Amp

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