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The ultimate in initial and final mass speaker stands. The Custom Design RS303 tri-post speaker stand is a reference-level support for large high-performance speakers. Comes with Custom Design's unique Acoustic Top Plate - two pieces of steel bonded together to form a surface that kills disrupting vibrations - as standard to ensure you get the very best performance from your loudspeakers.

The RS303 is a finely crafted and hand-polished loudspeaker stand that not only complements speakers of the highest quality but ensures they perform like they are meant to. The initial mass of the stands is 18kg before filler is used, which really gives you a reassuring idea of their solid build. 

To draw the very best performance, we strongly recommend using Custom Design's dense inert filler. The results when set-up correctly are simply stunning and will nearly always inject dull and lifeless-sounding loudspeakers with tightness, consistency and clarity you never thought possible.

Top support plates are 210 x 190 x 4mm

Available in Mercury Silver or Black, 20" or 24" height

Custom Design Inert Filler (available here) 12x bags in total are recommended to add mass, stability & damp resonance in these metal column stands

Optional Spike Feet Protector Shoes  available HERE

Custom Design RS303 Speaker Stands


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