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Custom Design RS303 Speaker Stands

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Custom Design are proud to present this award winning Range. All of the RS 300 Speaker Stand Range are manufacture by the craftsman at Custom Design. The hand made and finished design includes 4mm welded inserts combined with M8 fixing bolts for total integrity. Hand polished steel plates and support columns reflect the attention to detail and standards of quality that Custom Design provide to all of their customers. The RS 303 Range have an initial mass format, 18kg before mass loading and 42kg when mass loaded, in the 610mm (24") height. The design are available in 510mm (20") and 610mm (24") standard height, but custom heights are available on request. The Tri column design is new to our RS 300 Speaker Stand Range and supplied as standard with our world renowned acoustic steel top plates. The range are designed with 76mm round columns which can be easily mass load with our Inert Filler. This will help prevent resonance from transmitting through the design and influencing the stands sonic performance. The performance of the RS 303 speaker stands are further improved by the addition of our Acoustic Steel Top Plates, supplied as standard, please reference the Acoustic Steel page to see how resonance is absorbed by combining Acoustic Steel top plates and Inert Filler on a pair of RS 300 speaker stands. The Acoustic Steel works on the principle of constrained layer dampening, which is two sheets of the same material, which we have found to be the most efficient, bonded together with a patented polymer. The polymers viscoelastic properties convert kinetic energy to heat, absorbs resonance, thus preventing vibration from effecting the performance of your speakers. The 4mm Tri Isolation base plates provide an asethetically pleasing support. The hand polished steel design are available in Mercury or Black. Top support plates are 170 x 190 x 4mm, other sizes available on request.

Available in Mercury Silver or Black, 20" or 24" height

Custom Design Inert Filler (available here) is recommended to add mass, stability & damp resonance in metal column stands

Optional Spike Feet Protector Shoes  available HERE

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