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Chord Company Clearway Speaker Cable

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Chord Company Clearway Speaker Cable.

Chord Clearway speaker cable borrows key ideas from our recent development projects.  Clearway refines 30 years of Chord know-how into a ground-breaking, highly affordable new speaker cable.

Chord Clearway speaker cable features two contra-wound high-density foil shields. Like many Chord speaker cables, the twin foils, combined with the twisted-pair configuration, make for a level of shielding that is effective to high frequencies.  Finally, a clear protective PVC jacket is applied, which again serves to further reduce any mechanically induced noise

Conductors: 2 x 14AWG, bare stranded copper with FEP insulation in a twisted pair configuration.
White PVC inner jacket
2 x Foil Shield
Transparent PVC outer jacket
Cable outer dia: 10.5mm

All speaker cables priced per single metre unless stated otherwise, Termination extra. 



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