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The Chord Shawline XLR analogue interconnect is an exemplary cable, designed to offer the best possible signal transfer and audio quality at its price. The Shawline borrows much of the design philosophies that made Sarum Tuned ARAY one of the best cables in its class. This cable makes use of high-quality silver played multistrand oxygen free copper. These conductors utilise a unique shielding that has been designed to work across a wide frequency range while also reducing mechanical interference. 

ARAY cables require a degree of precision achieveable only with careful hand assembly. ShawlineX XLR is built using XLPE insulated, silver-plated conductors and a composite shielding material that works over a wide bandwidth.

Three identical conductors are employed for each connection, in a similar configuration to our Signature and Sarum XLR cables and Fitted with ChorAlloy™plated connector pins.

The Chord Company Shawline range places refinement and sophistication centre stage. A wide variety of analogue and digital connections are available alongside the latest XLPE insulated speaker cable. The range now boasts a dedicated tone arm cable, HDMI AOC and an updated power cable with multiple connector options. Our unique ARAY geometry is applied wherever possible along with increasingly complex layers of shielding.

New ARAY tri-conductor geometry – optimised for high speed digital signal transmission
ChorAlloy™ conductors with XLPE insulation, dual layer combination high frequency effective shield
True balanced conductor configuration
Tuned ARAY conductor geometry
Built by hand at The Chord Company in Wiltshire
Fitted with ChorAlloy™plated connector pins.
10 Year Warranty

Chord Company ShawlineX XLR Interconnect

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