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Cyrus 8.2 DAC QXR Digital Amplifier with the classic Cyrus PSXR2 power supply upgrade at Package Deal... SAVE £995

The Cyrus 82 DAC QXR amplifier offers 88 Watts into 6 ohms, making the 82 DAC capable of driving a wide variety of loudspeakers, including the most demanding ones. The 82 DAC amplifier is designed with a high current power supply, using two transformers to separate the digital control stage from the audio signals. This reduces noise interference of the signal, producing a cleaner audio output. The design of the 82 DAC amplifier is often reserved for pre and power amp combinations, meaning this integrated amplifier performs with superb clarity.

The 82 DAC QXR benefits from the new QXR upgrade DAC from Cyrus, featuring 32-bit/768kHz digital resolution from an ESS Sabre DAC chip, for high quality digital playback. The asynchronous USB supports high resolution files from sources such as your PC, whilst the digital optical and coaxial inputs perform re-clocking of the signal to reduce jitter, for a smoother, more music performance from the connected sources. The headphone amplifier has also been upgraded, to reduce the noise floor, creating improved dynamics. The amplifier will drive headphones up to 64 ohms impedance, from 138mW per channel.

With a significantly improved DAC from previous models, the 82 DAC amplifier takes advantage of all types of sources, both analogue and digital, providing an ideal hub for your hi-fi system, with connections for your PC, TV via digital optical and other digital sources.

Providing a smooth and regulated DC feed to any compatible Cyrus products, the PSX-R2 enables your system to run at its full potential. Powering parts of the internal workings of other Cyrus units relieves the strain on the internal power supply. This separation of power lets the unit work more efficiently creating a cleaner and more detailed sound and a feel of more head room.

Connecting a PSX-R2 to a Cyrus integrated amplifier, the PSX-R2 will power the pre-amplifier section effectively creating a pre/power system. Also, the stream series of products benefit splitting the power from the digital and analogue circuits letting the full potential of the quality internal components perform at their best.

Cyrus 82 DAC QXR Amplifier with 32-bit/768kHz DAC

88 Watts into 6 ohms amplification drives a wide range of loudspeakers

High current power supply with two transformers separates the digital control stage from audio signals

QXR upgrade DAC with ESS Sabre DAC capable of 32-bit/768kHz audio resolution through asynchronous USB

Digital optical and coaxial inputs re-clock signal to reduce jitter

Cyrus PSX-R2 Power Supply features

Provides clean power to audio components

A fully regulated 300W DC power supply

No changes to the existing components

Cyrus 82 DAC QXR Digital Amplifier with the classic Cyrus PSXR2 power supply upgrade, Package Deal SAVING £995

Was £2,990.00
From £29.45 per month

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