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Cyrus 82 DAC digital amplifier with CD-T and ProAc DB1 Speakers - Just add cables.

Cyrus CD-t - An audiophile CD transport widely seen as the best CD transport in its class. This entry level CD player offers the hi-fi enthusiast unprecedented performance for its price. It uses many of the top end components put into our flagship CD Xt Signature, which is why this product is widely regarded as the best CD transport in its class, even outperforming its more expensive competitors.

The Cyrus 8 DAC Mk2 incorporates a high power integrated amplifier and advanced digital to analogue converter to provide a great sounding, versatile hi-fi amplifier. The latest Cyrus integrated amplifiers are all based around a high quality, scalable design, you can order with a number of exciting options to create exactly the system for your needs. The Cyrus 8 DAC delivers an impressive 70 Watts per channel and includes six analogue inputs that you can individually name from a list of options in the setup wizard. Also included is a great headphone facility and twin speaker output for bi-wiring. One of the outstanding features of this amplifier is that it is factory upgradeable allowing owners to retrospectively add the many other features found in the amps siblings. Cyrus 8 DAC is the perfect partner for the CD t and optional Stream X Signature music streamer.

The midrange and high frequencies of the DB1 are superb and in the ProAc tradition low in colouration and high in detail.  The new bass driver gives a wonderful bass quality, punchy and extended and some way towards a larger enclosure.  The DB1 also gives a larger sound stage normally associated with bigger enclosures, hence Smaller mini monitor type loudspeakers have become very popular for those wishing for a high quality sound with a minimal visual effect.

Cyrus 82 DAC-QXR with CDT and ProAc DB1 Speakers

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