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The Cyrus Classic Stream is a versatile streaming music player that makes it easy to stream from music services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, and many others. It uses the popular BluOS operating system and controller. This can be installed on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, or PC systems. Moreover, the unit is Roon-ready and can connect with Airplay 2. Additionally, Advanced technologies are used by the Cyrus Classic Stream Streamer. This allows wireless transmission of hi-def music at up to 24 bits/192kHZ. Fast speeds are achieved over your home network with no lag. Finally, the unit can play MQA files and you can stream your own files via the BLuOS app.

Precision DAC

The DAC in the Classic Stream Streamer is fitted with the Cyrus-designed QXR DAC. This has a high-speed analogue buffer stage. Moreover, the QXR DAC design uses the ESS ES9038Q2M chipset. This chipset has been optimized by Cyrus engineers to achieve the best possible performance. As a result, the DAC creates an analogue signal with remarkable accuracy and precision.


The Cyrus Classic Stream Streamer has good Connectivity, including optical and coaxial digital inputs. There is a line-level RCA output as well as an RJ45 Ethernet post. Wi-Fi is also available. There is a USB port to play external files and you can upgrade the power supply by connecting the PSX-R2 external power supply. This unit then feeds the analogue stages and provides a more stable, low-noise supply.

Roon ready

Roon is an app that brings all of your music together. It can access files stored on internal and external hard drives and from most streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz. Additionally, it can play hundreds of online radio stations. Roon acts like a control centre for your music.

Multiroom playback with airplay 2

Airplay 2 is an Apple / iOS-based app that lets multiple iOS players communicate with each other. The same music can be played using the Cyrus Classic Stream Streamer in different rooms or different songs can be played in each room. Everything can be controlled via your iOS device. Moreover, Siri's voice commands can be used to select the room and the song to listen to.

MQA playback

MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated. MQA capability allows the Cyrus Classic Stream Streamer to play MQA-encoded files. MQA files are thought to be the closest you can get to the original master tapes in audio quality. Hear exactly what was recorded. Moreover, MQA files contain an authentication code that ensures they are genuine end-end files.

What is a streamer?

Today most music is streamed and the Cyrus Classic Stream Streamer is one of the best ways to send music around your home. Music files can be local, stored on a hard drive or USB stick. However, there is a vast library of music available online. Hi-Res music can be streamed using music service providers such as Spotify. There are also hundreds of online radio stations and podcasts available. All of these sources can be difficult to manage, hence the Cyrus Classic Stream Streamer comes with controller apps such as BLuOS and Roon.

Cyrus Classic Stream Music Streamer

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