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Cyrus Pre 2 DAC Digital Pre Amplifier

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Cyrus Pre2 DAC Digital Pre Amplifier

One sound quality level up from an integrated amplifier is Cyrus’ entry level preamp, designed to be partnered with one of our matching power amplifiers.  By separating the preamp into its own chassis and providing a dedicated power supply the preamp can resolve more detail. Complete with a built-in DAC, the preamp is compatible with a very wide range of sources such as CD players, streamers or your TV digital audio out.

  • 11 inputs, 6 x analogue and 5 digital.
  • Many luxury features include; clear backlit screen, user configurable input names and upgradeability.
  • Adding a PSXR will enhance the preamp’s resolution.
  • Partner with a range of compatible Cyrus power amps.

The Pre2 DAC offers a sonic step up in performance from our integrated amplifiers. This is achieved because the preamplifier circuitry has its own power supply. The internal power supply provides isolation from the demands of other system elements, making available an additional level of dynamics and resolution. The digital section also sounds better for the same reasons, especially when used  with the optional Qx card, the audio quality rises further still. If a PSX-R2 is connected, owners will hear a large jump in performance as the PSX-R2 feeds the preamp with a highly regulated and super smooth DC feed. The sonic uplift from the PSX-R2 means the close tolerance components in the preamp can be fully appreciated as they now benefit from the smoother supply.

The Pre2 DAC includes a carefully designed top quality digital section built into the preamplifier with a Burr Brown 24 bit/192k DAC and a carefully designed power supply. With 5 digital inputs that enable the amplifier to connect and clearly improve the sound of connected digital sources including; your Computer, DVD player, TV and many other digital sources. A premium DAC upgrade is available we call Qx DAC, this premium option takes performance to a higher level again.

Improving resolution further

Cyrus’ biggest selling model is a separate power supply we make in a matching alloy chassis. Once you select the higher power amplifier it is possible to add the PSX-R2 power supply to substantially upgrade the amplifiers resolution and dynamics.

Choose your finish

Because Cyrus products employ modern electronics they are compact and can be built into a neat case made from pressure die-cast aluminium, this also  helps to refine the components sound quality. The special hand finished chassis can be ordered in either black or silver textured finishes selected to blend into a wide range of homes.

The future

We want you to create your ‘perfect’ amplifier at the point of purchase plus have the option to return your original amplifier to be upgraded with new opportunities later on. This upgradeable design concept has been created by Cyrus to provide the widest possible choice and the longest useful life for our products. If you initially order a Pre2 DAC, you can upgrade in stages to the premium Pre2 DAC Qxmodel and / or add the PSX-R2 power supply, allowing your initial investment to grow with your enthusiasm or as funds allow.

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