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Lehmann Audio Decade Phono Stage. Available with Online Finance and Free Delivery.

The Decade sits proudly between the highly rated Black Cube series and the top-of-the-line model Silver Cube but the Decade is a high flyer rather than a stopgap. Utilising its cutting-edge technology, it has the gift to delight even the most demanding music enthusiasts with its flawless sound which points far beyond its price.

The Decade is tailor made to impress in every situation with an outstanding harmonic performance of passionate temper and precise contours.

The input stages are ultra low noise which are also utilised in very high-grade mixing consoles and microphone preamps from professional studio equipment manufacturers. The ultra-precision passive RIAA equalisation network lies between two linear designed gain stages and using low-loss precision MKP capacitors. This intricate design produces stunning transients, dynamics and sonic timbres.

Incorporating numerous setting options the Decade is customable to your audio needs. The switches for gain alternation and the switchable “soft bass rolloff filter” are conveniently operated via toggle switches which are located on the front panel. Even demanding moving coil cartridges can be used hassle free with this impressive phono stage.

Key Features:


The input stages used in the Decade can also be found in top notch mixing consoles or in well known professional microphone preamps.
The passive filter network between two linear gain stages realized with precision MKP caps
Several resistive and capacitive load options as standard
Front switchable gain (36dB - 66dB) and soft bass rollof
Onboard slot for custom impedance
Zero global feedback Class A output stage technically identical with Black Cube Linear
High quality gold plated pcb mount RCA connectors for audio
High quality double sided printed circuit board for optimal signal routing
Neutrik connector with gold plated contacts for supply connection (as Silver Cube)
Faceplate anodized aluminium in black or silver finish

PWX II Power Supply:

Power supply outlets for two audio devices
30 VA toroidal transformer of the PWX II power supply is a key component for the sonic performance achieved with the Black Cube Decade. This transformer is not only over dimensioned but sports a grounded isolation coil between the primary and secondary coil. 
Neutrik connectors with gold plated contacts for supply connection (as Silver Cube)
Downward compatible with PWX. Black Cube SE audio sections can be connected.
High quality double sided printed circuit board for optimal signal routing
Faceplate anodized aluminium in either black or silver finish


Lehmann Audio Decade Phono Stage

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