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Lehmann Audio Silver Cube Reference Phono Stage. Available with Online Finance and Free Delivery.

Lehmannaudio phono stages have gained a near legendary reputation for their sound and build quality. The Silver Cube is no different, pushing the boundaries still further. Although a relative newcomer to the Lehmannaudio range, the exceptional Silver Cube has already established overwhelming recognition as the ultimate in phono stage design.

With the Silver Cube Lehmannaudio's efforts in terms of technology, electronic parts and mechanics have lead to high-energy sound reproduction with excellent technical specifications and holographic soundstage delivery.

The Silver Cube not only provides maximum air and space with excellent soundstage depth and width, but also stunningly fast attack response, pace, timing, swing and dynamics... you will not be left untouched.

Visually, the massive milled aluminium case of the audio section impresses, while acting as a heatsink for the discrete zero-feedback Class-A FET output stage.

The league of the finest phono stages available worldwide welcomes a new member.

Key Features:

Power Supply

120W toroidal transformer with isolating coil between primary and secondary coil
Separate set of ultra fast recovering diodes for each secondary coil
Chokes on the secondary side
Additional filtering
Very low noise regulated voltages 
Shielded cable between power supply and audio section 
Neutrik connectors with gold plated contacts to connect audio section and power supply.
Voltage selector 120V/240V AC mains voltage

Audio Section

Special operational amplifiers for professional audio use
Only Mundorf tin foil MKP caps in the audio path
Discrete Class A (quiescent current app. 100mA) zero feedback FET output stage
Each gain stage buffered by fast parallel voltage regulators backed with three different capacitors for each voltage
Strictly built double mono layout
Resistors and capacitors (input termination) adjustable from the rear side
All electrolytic capacitors in the audio section are Low ESR, high temperature types
Gain up to 66dB in four levels accessible from the rear side
Additional choke filtering of supply voltages on the audio board
Case milled out of one block of massive aluminium used as heatsink for the Class A output stage
WBT audio connectors
Neutrik Power supply connector with gold plated contacts
Three feet for extra stable stand ready for the insertion of 6mm threaded spikes (silicon rings supplied as default)


Lehmann Audio Silver Cube Reference Phono Stage

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