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Michell Engineering Arm De-Coupling Kit with free delivery.

This is the latest upgrade kit from Michell Engineering. This De-coupling kit can be installed on all GyroDec and Orbe turntable variants to mechanically de-couple the tonearm and mounting plate from the rest of the turntable, thereby preventing ambient noise from transfering from the turntable to the tonearm/cartridge.

Unlike the originally supplied armboard mounting which is via solid standoffs and through-bolts, the new standoffs have a threaded stud protruding from one end and a threaded hole on the other. The end with the threaded hole also has a nitrile rubber isolating o-ring embedded in its top surface.

To install, the studded ends screw directly into the metal chassis of the turntable, then the armboard is placed on top of the standoffs. Next 3 short Allen head bolts are screwed into the standoffs, holding the underside of the armboard against the o-rings. A grounding strap is then attached to maintain the anti-static grounding of the chassis. Instructions are included. A self-adhesive tonearm cable fixing device is also included to allow correct dressing of the arm cable.

The most noticeable change is an improvement to the fine texture and nuances on both vocals and music and more accurate timbre on wood and string instruments. This is an inexpensive upgrade considering the sound improvement and ease of installation. 

NOTE: There are 4 variations to the kit. One is for SME arms, the other three are for variants of the Rega - mounted with the Michell VTA adjuster installed, or without - has longer standoffs to accomodate arms mounted directly to the armplate without the Michell VTA adjuster, the other is for newer 3 point fixing tonearms.


Michell Engineering Arm De-Coupling Kit


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