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Pathos InControl MkII Pre Amplifier is manufactured with the aim to provide the InPower MkII Monoblock with a control unit that was able to allow them to deliver all their impressive potential. It's housed in a improved sleek compact unit to match it's Pathos counterpart.

Pure Class A

InControl MkII is a two stage preamplifier entirely and fully balanced, operating in pure Class A. InControl MkII has been developed according to all the traditional Pathos guidelines: tube tension amplification, solid-state current amplification, well dimensioned power supplies and the highest quality selected components.

Transparent and natural

The amplification stage is obtained with a double triode in balanced configuration, while the output buffer is designed with extremely low noise components, for a sonic result which favours musicality, transparency and naturalness. In order to achieve maximum performance, all the single power supplies are obtained by means of single stabilised shielded power suppliers installed in a separate unit.

Accuracy at its finest

The volume control which can be adjusted both by dialling the knob and via the remote control is of the highest sophistication. It acts in 1dB steps by means of an optical device which drives a battery of relays (vacuum packed, with thorium contacts) which drive a network of precision resistors (1%, metal layer).

Headphone Amp

Pathos' InControl MkII has a dedicated headphone amplifier, the same used in Pathos' Kratos model. It is designed to drive most headphones on the market so you can listen to high quality sound.


- Type: Pre-amplifier, pure Class A, fully balanced

- Tubes: 2x ECC803S Tung-Sol

- Max Input Voltage: 4.4 Vrms

- Input impedance: 100kOhm

- Gain: Adjustable 6dB/12dB

- Frquency Response: 2Hz-200kHz ±0.5dB

- Max Output Voltage: 10+10Vrms(Bal),10Vrms (UnBal)

- Output Polarity: Selectable by Remote


Analogue Inputs:

- 2 XLR (Bal)

- 4 RCA Line (UnBal)

Digital Inputs:

- 2 USB Type B Ports

- 1 Coaxial SPDIF

- 1 Optical SPDIF (HiDac Mkii Board Required)

- Outputs: 1 RCA (UnBal), 1 XLR (Bal)


Headphone Specs:

- Output Power: 3.3W@16ohms, 2W@32Ohms

- Max Output Level: 10V RMS


- Dimensions: 290x360x155mm

- Weight: 18Kg

Pathos InControl Mk.2 Pre Amplifier

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