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The Project Power Box RS Phono is a specially designed upgradable power supply for the Pro-Ject Phono Box RS. The typical level of signal output on a noving coil (MC) cartridge is about 0.2mV which makes it incredibly vulnerable to all kinds of noise and electrical interference. The Power Box RS Phono is optimised to deliver the purest and cleanest power source to the phono preamp by utilising a Battery Power output to reduce mains interference and offer maximum sound quality. 

Key Features:

Purest & cleanest power for Phono Box RS 
Fully isolates Phono Box RS from mains interference and noise while playback 
Advanced Lithium Polymer battery (one for each channel) 
Playback time approximately 4 hours 
Charging time approximately 4 hours 
Optimised battery life due to intelligent micro-processor controlled charging electronics 
Status indicator LEDs on front
Available in black or silver

Technical Data:

Output Voltage: From +/-14,8V to +/-16,8V, 
(Dependant On Battery Charge)
Battery Type/Capacity:
15V Li-ion, 2000mAh (2 pcs.) 
Charging Time::

4 Hours
(Longer when in use)
Battery Playing Time:
Approx. 4 Hours
Outboard Power Supply: 20V/3000mA DC
201 x 72 x 195mm
Weight: 2.03kg (Without PSU)

Pro-Ject Power Box RS Phono - Upgrade Battery power supply option

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