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Pro-Ject X2 B Turntable is an updated and improved version of the original X2, part of Pro-Ject’s true balanced concept range. Previously only available on the X8, this new balanced model can be paired with Pro-Ject’s Phono Box S3 B, Phono Box DS3 B (or any other phono stages Pro-Ject releases with balanced connection).

True Balance

On the X2 B, Pro-Ject has taken a leaf out of the studio & live sound book by introducing the “True Balanced Connection” which is achieved by taking a 3 wire system per channel (hot, cold & ground) which cancels out any noise as it would appear on both the hot and cold wires as they effectively cancel out.

To get the absolute best out of the true balanced connection Pro-Ject have fitted an Ortofon Quintet Red moving coil cartridge to the X2 B and as mentioned above it can be paired with a balanced Pro-Ject phono stage, although you can use the RCA outputs with any other phono stage too - giving you the option to upgrade later.

High End Philosophy

Pro-Ject has always set a high standard for the parts used in their turntables and the X2 B is no exception, thanks to the use of a carbon/aluminium tonearm. Carbon fibre as found in high end cars gives a layer of rigidity which is married to the inner tube made out of aluminium (that dampens any vibration to a near inaudible level)


On the X2 B as standard it arrives with a semi-balanced connect it E cable that features low capacitance rating as well as superior shielding that delivers a clean crisp sound every time. However, to take advantage of the new True Balanced Connection you would need to use a balanced phono cable, which can be paired with the S3 B phono box via mini XLR.

Solid Design

The X2 B features a large and heavy duty MDF chassis that is designed to reduce any unwanted resonance to non-existent levels, which allows for the vinyl reproduction to be enhanced and more precise which enables you to truly feel your vinyl in a new way.

Beautifully Finished

Pro-Ject has once again delivered a beautiful set of finishes to choose from including traditional walnut, gloss black, satin black & satin white which are all finished to the highest of standards by master craftsman in Pro-Jects European factory.


- Speed: 33, 45, 78 (electronic change)

- Principle: Belt drive

- Speed Variance: 33/45: 0.25%/0.20%

- Wow & Flutter: 33/45: 0.12/0.10%

- Signal to Noise: 70dB

- Platter: 30mm thick, 2kg acrylic

- Bearing: Stainless steel

- Tonearm: 9" carbon/alu sandwich

- Effective arm length: 230mm

- Overhang: 18mm

- Effective tonearm mass: 13.5g

- Track force: 0-30mN (S2MM 18mN)

- Accessories: 15V DC/0.8A power supply

- Dust Cover and Feltmat

- Outputs: RCA and five-pin mini XLR

- Connect-IT E Phono Cable

- Power Connection: 110 - 240V, 50/60Hz

- Power Consumption: 4.5/0.3W max/standby

- Dimensions (WHD): 460 x 150 x 340mm

- Weight: 10kg

Project X2B Turntable with optional Balanced output connection and Ortofon Quintet Red MC Cartridge

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