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QED X-Tube XT-400 Speaker Cable

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QED's multi-award winning X-Tube 400 speaker cable, utilising XTube technology

Silver-plated oxygen-free copper tubular conductor geometry. For use in the finest hi-fi and home theatre systems. This design delivers a massive cross-sectional area using X-TubeTM technology to eliminate the skin effect whilst maintaining a user friendly “figure of 8” geometry. This is QED’s ultimate affordable upgrade for high end systems

At low frequencies both X-Tube and conventional stranded/solid core speaker cables convey signals in a linear way. However, at high frequencies, X-Tube retains a near-linear signal transfer, whereas the conventional cable fails to conduct uniformly across the entire conductor area. The result is that X-Tube delivers greater fidelity across the audio spectrum which would other wise be lost in ordinary cables.

Silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors

Provides a low frequency path for the audio signal and delivers stunning high frequency detail


Jacket OD - 6.00mm
Cross-sectional area - 4.00mm²
Loop resistance - 0.008 ?/m
Capacitance - 43pF/m
Inductance - 0.50 µH/m
Dissipation factor - 0.0400

Recommended for all high end installations


Sold per single metre


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