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The REL No.31 reference subwoofer exists to satisfy the needs of those who crave the finest yet have space limitations. Whilst some can afford the flagship No.32 model, it is larger and deeper than some rooms can accommodate. How can you best deliver No.32's sound quality, build quality, and thoughtful features with a more compact footprint? Enter No.31.

No.31 matches No.32's design stroke for stroke, yet somehow it manages to look more svelte, crouching closer to the floor-almost feline in its grace. The elegant plated handles inset into an ellipse is retained, as is the string grille that permits vast amounts of air to explode into your room without creating noise like cloth grilles can. No.31 features the curvilinear radius to the sidewalls that define both its performance and its character. But the reduction in visual and actual three-dimensional physical mass is remarkable. No.31: when the best must be delivered in a smaller space.

No.32's 1,000-watt amplifier also lives inside No.31, only limited to 900 watts to ensure the perfect complement to the 12-inch bass engine within No.31. This allows the maximum dynamics to be delivered while ensuring a long, cheerful life for both components. Here too, the LimitLess Limiter, which permits the amplifier to tiptoe right up to its limit without audible compression is part of the magic, conveys a rhythmically effortless quality. Also, its dual parametric filters allow precise micro-tuning; the deepest bass is slightly reinforced, while the upper ranges of bass can be gently trimmed to ensure a brilliantly rendered transition from bass to the main speaker. The electronic design of the reference range is itself artistry.

The incredible excursion of the 12-inch pure carbon fibre driver allows it to play as loud as its larger stablemate. Yet, the No.31 possesses the tactility, nimbleness, and attack that only the greatest subwoofers have ever been able to deliver. Also, its sonic signature works in modestly scaled rooms and with a vast range of fine speakers. The driver is accelerated by a specially wound 3-inch voice coil driven by a 13-pound magnetic structure; even near its limits, the voice coil remains solidly inside the gap. It is this visceral power, coupled with great delicacy and nuance, that is No.31's signature.


Type - Closed box, front-firing driver

Active Driver Size and Material - 12 in. (300mm), 2.5 in. (96.5mm) long throw, carbon fibre cone with inverted carbon fibre centre cap

Low Frequency Extension - 17Hz at -6 dB

Input Connectors - High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA and XLR, LFE RCA, LFE XLR

Output Connectors - High Level Neutrik Speakon, LFE XLR, Line XLR

Power Output - 900 watts (RMS)

Amplifier type - Class D

Dual parameteric filter - Yes

Dimensions W x H x D - 638 x 435 x 720 mm

Net weight - 52kg

REL No.31 Reference Subwoofer

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