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REL No.32 Reference Subwoofer

The No.32 Reference subwoofer represents the pinnacle of REL’s considerable experience and is the standard for future innovation. A remarkable sonic achievement, the No.32 features a 1,000-watt amplifier, has a 15 inch (380 mm) pure carbon fibre driver, and has exquisite cabinetry requiring three weeks of labour to complete. However, each of these features only hints at what it takes to reside at the top of REL’s offerings, and No.32 is poised to be a design for the ages.

The cabinet traces a curvilinear path established over a decade ago on the original Gibraltar. Here, the top surface tumbles down at the rear corners – a difficult treatment to execute, but one that produces a uniquely beautiful effect. Triple-plated steel handles are inset into ellipses that allow for a secure grip, which is necessary when lifting an object over 200 pounds. Inside, the rear backing plate is well over half an inch thick and contoured to follow the inner surface, yielding a massively strong structure.

No.32’s new badge treatment combines the materials that appear most frequently within its design; the carbon fibre used throughout the driver is inset within a polished, cast alloy basket that is finished in 3 layers of plating to achieve a jewel-like sparkle. The overall design speaks to the remarkable efforts that went into ensuring No.32 is as striking visually as it is technically.

The No.32’s 1,000-watt amplifier was also used in its predecessor for over seven years. Thousands of these amplifiers are in use all over the world; they are a paragon of reliability. Its implementation in No.32 combines a new limiter with a much wider envelope to permit the widest dynamic swings possible. Also, No.32’s dual parametric EQs allow for robust and flat response in the lowest ranges, extending below 20 Hz. When its second EQ is set to frequencies above the crossover point, No.32 meshes perfectly with the main speakers while simultaneously reducing room-based resonances.

As with all RELs, the No. 32’s heart and soul is its 15-inch (380mm) driver. The driver’s cone is constructed entirely of carbon fibre. Additionally, a carbon fibre centre cap is overlaid on the primary cone surface. This cone design results in a far stiffer driver that possesses superior self-damping qualities, removing even minor resonances that can obscure detail retrieval whilst keeping moving mass to an absolute minimum. The No.32’s driver suspension permits a full 4 inches (100mm) of travel fore and aft, an enormous amount of travel for such a large driver. These are some of the secrets to its performance. Transparency, allied to tremendous dynamics, is the result.


Type - Closed box, front-firing driver

Active Driver Size and Material - 15 in. (380mm) long throw, carbon fibre cone with inverted carbon fibre dust cap

Low Frequency Extension - 15Hz at -6 dB

Input Connectors - High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA and XLR, LFE RCA, LFE XLR

Output Connectors - High Level Neutrik Speakon, LFE XLR, Line XLR

Power Output - 1,000 watts (RMS)

Amplifier type - Pure Class D

Dual Parametric Filter - Yes

Dimensions W x H x D - 743 x 540 x 816 mm

Net Weight - 85kg

REL No.32 Reference Subwoofer

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