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Technics SL1200G Direct Drive Turntable

With its ‘Grand Class’ specification, the legend lives larger than ever, with the Technics SL1210G.

A legend in the home, studio and club
Developed as a turntable that was sturdy enough to be used professionally but simple and attractive enough to use at home, the Technics SL1210 was a hit from the beginning. Starting life in the early '70s, the SL1210 lived through five versions (in the UK) and, even at its demise in around 2010 was still seen by many as the reference deck for club use. Now it's back and, in G form, it's the best ever regular model!

The best SL1210 ever
The Technics SL1210 has always been superbly built but this is even better. Added to the existing three-layer chassis is a new, 10mm thick top panel, crafted from solid aluminium. This provides superior damping for a more dynamic sound. A newly developed, coreless motor is used to cut down on vibration with twin rotors providing high torque and an even load on the bearing. In short, the new SL1210G shouldn't just be the best-sounding but also the hardest wearing - with a weight of 18kg to prove it.

High spec magnesium tonearm
Unique to the top spec SL1210G is a magnesium tonearm (the standard models feature an aluminium one). Lightweight magnesium offers a high damping effect; quelling distortion. It’s also extremely rigid, helping the tonearm offer the most precise and detailed sound. High precision bearings and Technics’ gimbal suspension provide the smoothest tracking

Connect your own cables
Rather than using static cables, the SL1210G features brass-milled, gold-plated phono terminals. These let you choose your own length and quality of cable that's worthy of a deck of this capability.

Increased pitch control
A new 'x2' button lets you double the range of the pitch control from +/- 8% to +/-16%. This extra range makes it even more flexible as a mixing tool and even handier in the studio than ever.

Whether it's for use at home or earning its keep in clubs, the Technics SL1210G is simply the best of the best.

Technics SL1200G / SL1210G with 2M Black cartridge

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