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The Technics SL-1200GR2 Turntable has the latest upgrades and the newly developed Delta Sigma motor drive. This drive system suppresses any minute vibrations generated by the motor. As a result, the sound has richer spatial expression.

Next, the Switching power supply has a noise detection circuit that automatically eliminates any noise on the output. This is a two-speed turntable with a strobe and a large pitch control.

The weight of the platter has been increased and more strengthening ribs added. Lastly, the precise S-shaped tonearm has a very precise bearing so that the force needed to move the tonearm is very low. The low mass arm ensures precise tracking and the new motor reduces noise and interference, particularly in the midrange, at about 3kHz.

The next generation Delta sigma drive

Technics developed the first direct-drive turntable in 1970. And notably, the Technics SL-1200GR2 Turntable continues this legacy. The direct drive technology dealt with problems such as poor signal-to-noise ratios and wow and flutter. As a result, direct-drive turntables became popular with radio stations.

This was due to their fast start capabilities as well as sound quality. In 2016 Technics developed the coreless direct drive motor. This has been used on most Technics turntables since then. However, now comes the Delta Sigma drive. This aims to eliminate minute vibrations that can muddy the sound.

The latest motor drive technology

The latest motor uses PWM to give greater control over the speed accuracy. The motor drive is inspired by the same technology that Technics developed for Class D digital amplifiers. These also use Pulse Width Modulation to achieve a low distortion and precise output.

The ΔΣ-Drive uses delta-sigma conversion methods to reduce minor speed inaccuracies as well as motor vibration. The result is a richer spatial expression.

Low noise switching power supply

The Technics SL-1200GR2 Turntable features a high-frequency switching power supply. In fact, it operates above 100khz, which is well away from the audio range. This prevents any interference. Switching power supplies also do not need a large transformer, so there is no hum or mechanical vibration.

Additionally, there is a noise-cancelling circuit that combines a noise detection device with an error correction amplifier. This detects any noise on the output and applies an anti-phase signal that has the effect of cancelling out the noise.

Two layer highly rigid platter

The platter of the Technics SL-1200GR2 Turntable uses a two-layer construction to achieve high rigidity and low resonance. The rear surface is covered in damping rubber and there are more strengthening ribs than in previous versions.

This increases the surface area in contact with the rubber. At 2.5kg the platter is 0. 8kg heavier and the increased mass helps to eliminate speed variations and resonance.

Highly sensitive tonearm

The low mass tonearm of the Technics SL-1200GR2 Turntable enables the record to be tracked with great accuracy. The amount of force needed to move the arm is reduced by the use of a cut-processed housing, that uses high-precision bearings.

The tonearm is a traditional S-shaped design with a lightweight aluminium pipe. High build quality ensures a high initial motion sensitivity of only 5mg. A headshell is supplied, leaving the choice of the cartridge up to you.

High grade parts

The body of the Technics SL-1200GR2 Turntable features a two-layer construction that unifies the BMC and the aluminium chassis. Additionally, the feet are made of special silicone rubber that absorbs any external vibration preventing feedback. Lastly, gold-plated RCA terminals are used.

The socket enclosure is shielded to prevent any noise from entering. A head shell is provided and most types of cartridges can be fitted.

All specifications

Tonearm - Static Balance

Motor - Brushless DC motor

Platter -  2.5kg Aluminum diecast. Diameter:332 mm. 

Wow and flutter  0.025% W.R.M.S.

Drive type - Direct Drive

Power supply - AC220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Weight - 11.5 kg

Dimensions -  173 x 453 x 372 mm (HxWxD)

Technics SL1200GR2 / SL1210GR2 with 2M Blue Cartridge

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