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Spectral Scala SC1650 TV AV Cabinet - As much fun as travelling is, sooner or later, the desire to return home will get the upper hand. Scala by Spectral is one reason. The elegant cabinet furniture offers you a great deal of freedom when designing your own four walls thanks to a vast selection of low boards and wall cabinets.

The coloured glass surfaces by Spectral are considerably brighter, more scratch-resistant and much easier to look after in contrast to the lacquered surfaces of other furniture manufacturers. You can choose from three standard colours and over 2,000 NCS colours with the help of a colour chart.

The Spectral Scala lowboard cabinet range puts a new dimension into your living room taking the breath away from any house guest seeing it for the first time. Scala finds the sweet spot between ultra-clean minimalism and everyday functionality enabling you to store almost anything within and even allows you to join Scala units together creating your extra-long masterpiece.

They say some things have to be seen to be believed, but we think the Scala has to be touched to appreciate its beauty in full. The front flap is as fine an example in engineered simplicity as you'll find in any furniture. The thick, chunky front flap, with its extra outer coating of centimetre-thick glass is supported by two substantial gas struts so whenever it's time to open up, the whole flap pulls open with the minimum amount of effort needed.

Their are many, many options available to order, these are our most popular, however please contact us to find your perfect match.


Spectral Scala SC1650 TV AV Cabinet

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