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Unison Research Unico Nuovo Valve Hybrid Integrated Amplifier. 

The Unico Nuovo, like the Unico Primo and previously the UnicoP, is an integrated amplifier that is based on a 'single triode stage per-channel' design. Where it carves it's own new territory is through using 2 x ECC83 (12AX7) valves with a new biasing solution and a parallel double-triode design. By doubling the number of triodes (compared to the Unico Primo) and employing a parallel configuration, the Unico Nuovo is capable of a more refined sonic performance than those that have come before.

The new biasing solution - based upon a design previously found in high-end phono stages, called "ionic bias" - involves the Unison Research-designed power supply working in tandem with the "level shifter and signal follower" stages that come after the triode stage to deliver an accurate, audiophile sound from this hybrid amplifier. This innovative layout allows for non-manual adjusting of the bias as the valves bed-in and age, to ensure a longer and more reliable performance.

In the driver stages, the output devices are fed by a symmetrical current mirror stage, made with bipolar transistors. This method allows for minimal phase displacement and a more valve-influenced sound delivery. The output devices themselves are Power MOSFETs laid-out symmetrically, and both receive power from the same power supply stage with a special configuration to ensure the required voltage is always delivered. In total, this design allows for greater channel separation and balance, higher efficiency and greater musical detail.

The Unico Nuovo is supplied in the UK with a built-in MM/MC phono stage for simple connection to a turntable. The back-panel is also equipped with a low impedance stereo output for connecting to a powered subwoofer (or any other Line level input). The supplied RC2 remote control adds convenience when controlling from your listening position.

The aluminium front panels on all Unico series products are clean and stylish thanks to a new sandblasting and anodizing process. The sandblasting consists of hammering the the aluminium plate with microscopic ceramic balls at room temperature to give the surface a homogeneous and opaque finish. The anodizing process facilitates the growth of a thin film of aluminium oxide on the surface, which enhances the mechanical resistance and hardness of the surface. The end-result is truly stunning to help round off this prestigious piece of equipment.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid integrated amplifier
  • Four Line Inputs (Aux,CD,Tape,Tuner)
  • MM/MC phono stage built-in for connecting a turntable
  • Tape Out loop, and stereo Subwoofer Output
  • 95W RMS output (8Ω)
  • 2 x ECC83 (12AX7) valves in parallel configuration
  • Premium sand-blasted Silver finish
  • RC2 remote included

Technical Data:

Output Power: 95W RMS (8Ω)
Frequency Response: -0.1dB at 10Hz
-0.5dB at 100kHz
Input Impedance: 50kΩ (47pF)
Input Sensitivity: 260mV RMS
Input Stage: Pure Class A
Parallel Tube Stage
Valves: 2x ECC83 (12AX7)
Output Stage: Dynamic Class A
Power MOSFET complimentary pair
Inputs: 4x Line (RCA)
1x Phono (RCA)
Line Outputs: 1x Tape
1x Sub
Speaker Outputs: 4 + 4 (Bi-wirable)
Feedback Factor: 10dB
THD: 0.15% at 10W / 1kHz
Power Consumption: 400W (max.)
Dimensions: 43.5cm x 9.5 x 43cm
Weight: 16kg


Unison Research Unico Nuovo Phono Valve Hybrid Integrated Amplifier.

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