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Wharfedale Aura 2 Speaker is a three-way, 150-watt capable, stand-mounted speaker. Three beautiful finishes are available, white, black, and walnut veneer. Moreover, each speaker features an innovative ribbon tweeter. The Aura AMT tweeter provides amazing high-frequency definition.Notably, the diaphragm features a folded assembly with embedded conductors. This allows a strong magnetic field to move the assembly. Resulting in an improved transient response. Additionally, the Bass and midrange units are designed to match the performance of the tweeter.They feature Glass fibre cones with a flexible rubber surround. The result is a very integrated soundscape. Finally, the cabinets are ported and feature curved corners to reduce standing waves. Custom stands are also available.

High performing, Aura AMT ribbon tweeter
The AMT ribbon tweeter works in a different way to most ribbon tweeters. The Wharfedale Aura 2 Speaker’s tweeter features a folded diaphragm. The diaphragm sits in front of a set of magnets. Next, conductors are embedded in the folds. As a result, the strong magnetic field moves the diaphragm with the music.The result is a sweet treble with a remarkable transient response and extremely low distortion. Traditional coned tweeters have a higher mass than ribbon tweeters and tend to have more distortion at high power levels.

The Aura speaker drivers
The Wharfedale Aura 2 Speaker has a 6.5”(150mm) bass driver along with a 4” (100mm) midrange unit. The drivers are closely matched to the Ribbon tweeter. Each unit has a woven glass fibre cone that is attached to a highly flexible rubber surround. Moreover, the voice coils are enveloped in a high-flux magnetic field. This creates a unit that can handle high powers without distortion.Fine control is maintained by using copper-clad pole pieces. The cones are mounted in a die-cast aluminum chassis that is attached using six high-tensile bolts that ensure no resonances can occur. There is also a rubber damping ring. The frequency response is 42Hz to 22kHz.

Slot loaded profile port
Wharfedale developed the Slot Loaded Profiled Port system used by the Aura 2 Speaker. This was designed by the founder of the company, Gilbert Briggs who designed a port with a high-pressure, high-velocity airflow. This port uses slots in the plinth rather than having the port at the rear or base. The result is a better matching of the airflow into the room. Turbulence is reduced giving a more efficient bass reflex system.

Aura 2, three - way crossover
The Wharfedale Aura 2 Speaker features a three-way crossover. Wharfedale was one of the first companies to develop the crossover concept. The crossover is used to split an audio signal into bands. Each drive unit in a speaker is optimized for a particular frequency range. This is due to the fact that high frequencies have a shorter wavelength and hence need a smaller driver that the bass, for example. The crossover frequency has to be precisely set so that the overall frequency response is flat. The crossover consists of a set of filters that are made up of precisely valued capacitors and inductors.

Aura cabinet
The aura range features a quality cabinet that comes in either black, white, or walnut finishes. The Wharfedale Aura 2 also has an optional custom stand. Each cabinet is a work of art and is lacquered to a highly polished finish. Moreover, the cabinet features curved edges that tend to beak up and standing waves, resulting in a smoother sound. Additionally, the cabinets are made of different woods in a sandwich construction. This has the effect of damping any resonances.

- General Description - 3 - way Bookshelf Speaker
- Enclosure Type - Bass Re?ex
- Transducer Complement - 3 - way
- Bass Driver - 6.5" (150mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone
- Midrange Driver - 4" (100mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone
- High Frequency Driver - 27mm * 90mm AMT
- Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) - 88dB
- Recommended Ampli?er Power - 25W - 150W
- Peak SPL - 103dB
- Nominal Impedance - 6Ω (8Ω Compatible)
- Minimum Impedance - 3.5Ω
- Frequency Response (+/-3dB) - 42Hz - 22kHz
- Bass Extension (-6dB) - 33Hz
- Crossover Frequency - 520Hz, 4.5kHz
- Dimensions (mm) -
- Height (on plinth) - 560mm
- Width - 286mm
- Depth (with Terminals) - (300+52)mm
- Carton Size - 505mm x 425mm x 730mm
- Net Weight - 20.5kg / pcs
- Gross Weight - 22.5kg / ctn
- Finish - Hi-gloss Walnut, White or Black

Wharfedale Aura 2 Bookshelf Speakers

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