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Roksan K3 DAC in Charcoal, High end Digital to Analog converter with twin USB inputs and K-Link wireless transmitter, also includes the K3 system remote control.  (Ser. No.0400115) 

”A versatile, grown-up DAC at a bargain price.”  -  ‘Hi-Fi Choice’ ‘Recommended’

High resolution sound to make the most of your streamed music

With the ability to handle a wide range of file types, the K3 DAC makes the perfect accompaniment to your High Resolution music collection and streaming services. Use the USB sockets and the K3 is compatible with PCM resolution right up to 24-bit/192kHz and DSD128.

Twin USB computer inputs
With a USB Type-B socket on the front as well as the rear, it's easy to connect up your PC or laptop either full or part-time. Connecting via USB not only gives you access to the highest quality file compatibility but also asynchronous control. This makes the ideal connection for hooking up your computer, as it will effectively 'control' the PC's output for the best sound quality possible. This greatly reduces jitter and gives the lowest distortion possible from your computer audio.

Superior sound quality
At the heart of the Roksan K3 DAC is the Texas Instruments DSD1794A 24 bit/192kHz DAC. This gives superb resolution without sacrificing refinement; bringing music to life without it becoming overbearing.

XLR Balanced inputs and outputs for a professional connection
As well as the regular optical and coaxial digital inputs, the K3 CD DAC also features a balanced AES/EBU input via XLR. This truly professional grade output matches up with other similarly equipped CD transports and streamers for absolute sonic accuracy. In addition to this, the K3 DAC also features XLR balanced outputs plus two pairs of regular RCA phono outputs.

Superior build quality
A great step up in terms of both style and quality, the Roksan K3 DAC is a sophisticated device. Using a substantial and rigid chassis, the K3 DAC weighs in at 7KG - pretty heavy for a DAC! It's this mass that provides excellent damping against mechanical vibration - reducing the chances of distortion still further. Roksan have also used the highest quality components internally, resulting in a fuller, smoother balance with an 'analogue' vibe to the sound.Take your digital music to the next level, with the Roksan K3 DAC.



Roksan K3 DAC DSD USB (+wireless) High end Digital to Analog Converter

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