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Grado SR325x headphones are the latest version of this award-winning model, the top model in Grado's SR Prestige series, adopting the metal housing seen in the higher end PS500 and PS1000 models (that cost considerably more) to minimise distortion and add a premium design and build quality.

New driver design

The drivers for the Prestige X series have been totally redesigned. The magnet size has been doubled in height, the voice coil has been extended to twice its length and the diaphragm has been reconfigured to make the most of the new magnet and voice coil designs.

Grado believe modern day amplifiers are not optimised for low-impedance drivers so the Prestige x series has been developed to be easier to drive across a variety of power sources and delivery the best audio performance possible. The upgraded driver design now runs off 38 ohms, an increase from 32 ohms of the e Series, to make its an incredibly adaptable headphone.

New cable design

The Prestige x series is the first to introduce a new braided cable design. This threaded arrangement offers more durability and flexibility, alongside added protection against abrasions and kinks. Preserving the transparency of any recording, so you hear what music artist intended, is always a priority for Grado. The 8-conductor cables now feature superior-quality copper wire to deliver an improved purity of the audio signal.

Headband redesign

Grado headphones have always been designed with comfort front-of-mind, especially when enjoying long listening sessions. The Prestige x Series is Grado's most snug headphone yet, with deeper padding added to the headband to reduce listening fatigue and increase comfort. The headband may boast a leather aesthetic but this synthetic protein-made design means it is vegan-friendly.


- Vented diaphragm

- Aluminum air chamber

- UHPLC copper voice coil wire

- UHPLC copper connecting cord

- Tranducer type: Dynamic

- Operating principle: Open air

- SPL 1mW: 99.8dB

- Driver matched: .05dB

- Freq response: 18Hz – 24KHz

- Impedence: 32 Ohms

- Jack size: 6.3mm

- Weight: 356g

- Includes 6.5mm adapter

Grado SR325X Prestige Series Headphones

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