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Lehmann Rhinelander Headphone Amplifier

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The popular Lehmann Rhinelander headphone amplifier is based on the legendary Black Cube Linear by Lehmann audio, which is used by well-known industry professionals such as A.J. van den Hul, Andreas Spreer (TACET) and Maarten de Boer (The Masters). Now you can experience a huge part of the Linear's transparency, tonal balance and micro-detail, and at only a fraction of the cost. The Rhinelander is placed in the highly-competitive sector of ambitioned, budget-conscious, audiophile listeners.

Moreover, with some mild tweaks the Rhinelander can also be used as a single source pre-amplifier, like the superior Linear model. The Rhinelander is equipped with two inputs and a relays source selection. If you don't need the second line input, you can reconfigure the input jack to a output. All you need to do is to replace two jumpers. 

Even with entry-level devices, Lehmannaudio puts a lot of effort into details.

Key Features:

  • Discrete Zero Global Feedback output stage with high quiescent current ready to drive most headphones or long cable runs
  • Audiophile voltage amplifier stage
  • Single source preamplifier reconfigurable to "headphone only" mode with two line source inputs by replacing just two jumpers
  • Relays source selection / mute operation
  • Only MKP caps in the signal path for perfect transient response and ambience reproduction
  • Gain jumper selectable 6dB/20dB
  • Hand selected potentiometer with very good channel tracking
  • Double sided audio board
  • External AC power supply
  • Ultra fast rectifying diodes
  • We only use low ESR electrolytic caps
  • Low-noise, regulated power supply
  • Gold plated RCA connectors
  • Original Neutrik headphone jack with gold plated contacts
  • Anodized aluminium faceplate and knob


Input Impedance: 47kO
Maximum Gain: 6dB, 200dB
            (Jumper Selectable Inside)
Frequency Response: 10Hz (-0.3dB) - 35kHz (-1dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >95dB at 0dB Gain
Channel Separation: >70dB / 10kHz
Output Power: 120mW
Output Impedance: 50O
Power Consumption: Appx. 3W, Via External A/C PSU
Audio Connectors: Neutrik Headphone Jack 1/4" Plug
            RCA Jacks With Gold Plates Contacts
            Line Output Is Muted When Headphones In Use
Face Plate: Andozied Aluminium, Black or Silver

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