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The Monitor Audio Silver C250 7G Centre speaker is the centre channel for the Silver 7th Generation. Features full 3-way engineering that has been designed to be compact and combining the benefits from both the C150 and C350.

Re-Designed RST II Driver

The updated RST II pattern now has a more sturdy profile, taking inspiration from the platinum ii series design. The RST II pattern represents a collection of technologies, a geometric profile that enhances the driver performance at high frequencies as well as an upgrade to the C-CAM tech. The updated design allows the user to enjoy a look at design elements not normally visible.

Improved Directivity in Mid-Range 

Based on the development of the Gold 5G, Monitor Audio have created the new mid-range for 7G. The aim being to improve directivity via a compact design while maximising the bandwidth of the driver to achieve smooth crossover with the tweeter.

Mid-to Bass Range

The voice coil Diameter has been increased by 5.25 inches to 28.5mm - the previous Silver 6G model was 25mm. The high-power handling design allows for low power compression.

C-CAM Tweeter Design

- Single Bolt Through Securely mounted tweeter using single bolt-through technology ensures the tweeter chassis cannot resonate.

- Hexagonal grille pattern with acoustically transparent diffusion 

- The grille design purifies the design with the diffusion pattern optimised so that there is no interference with the tweeters waveguide function.

Development based on the Uniform Waveguide in the Bronze 6G, adding in the compression ring above the surround and dome which increases the tweeter sensitivity above 10kHz. The increased sensitivity aides in flattening the frequency response while decreasing distortion. The 7G range features a re-designed magnet structure, rear chamber design and surround.

Refreshed Crossover Design

Silver 7G incorporates a combination of third-order filters for all tweeter sections with a selection of second and third on the bass and midrange drivers.

Cabinet & Finish

The C250 Centre Speaker comes in all of the available finishes, a selection designed to suit a variety of interior decor. The wood finishes are made from real, premium wood veneer material. The trims, including the driver trims, and surrounds have been updated to pair beautifully with the finish.

Monitor Audio Silver C250-7G Centre Speaker

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