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Michell Engineering Orbe Platter and Clamp Upgrade Kit for GyroDEC or GyroSE

This modification includes a massive carbon-damped acrylic and vinyl platter, bearing spindle, screw down record clamp and additional chassis damping (Densoseal). Quite easy for any enthusiast to fit.

The Orbe platter upgrade for Gyro's consists of the huge Orbe platter (the equivalent of three of the normal platters stuck together, less the weights), Densodamp (a damping compound to damp the untreated gaps in the underside of the chassis), the substantial Orbe screw-down record clamp, a replacement threaded spindle to suit the new record clamp, and a new drive belt for the turntable.

The difference in performance, is enormous! The turntable's grip on presentation is authorative. Bass has more drive to it, deeper and more controlled

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is designed to fit all GyroDecs that have a black acylic platter and inverted main bearing already fitted. If your turntable does not have these you will need to purchase them as well as the latest springs and / or spring adjusters before you can install the Orbe platter upgrade. The inverted bearing is easily identified by the bronze colour of the bearing housing under the platter. If your bearing is aluminium ( silver ) coloured, it is not an inverted bearing.


Michell Engineering Orbe Platter and Clamp Upgrade Kit

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