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Michell Engineering VTA Adjuster for selected Rega 3 point Arm Mounts

The Michell Rega 3-point fixing VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) Arm Adjuster has been designed for the range of Rega arms (RB-251, RB301 and RB303) that use the recently introduced 3-point fixing. Once installed, the user can adjust the vertical tracking angle in minute increments without losing the rigid 3-point mounting so important to proper sound reproduction.

The VTA adjuster, at its minimum setting, raises the tone arm by 2mm, which is the same as the thinnest setting on the moulded adjuster available from Rega. It comes packed with two different thickness adjuster rings (the thinner ring is designed to lift the tonearm base 0 to 2mm and the thicker ring will lift the base 2 to 4 mm) and all of the fixings.

Please note that this product will not work on the RB 700, 808, and 1000 tonearms.



Michell Engineering Rega 3 Point VTA Adjuster


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