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The New Mission 700 speakers are an update from the original 700 first released over 40 years ago and follow on the footsteps of the recently updated 770 loudspeakers.

New Drive - Same Sound

On the Mission 700 great care has been taken to preserve the soundstage that was perfected back in 1980 whilst taking into account modern improvements and updates to take the Mission 700 into the 21st century and beyond.

The mid/bass driver is a 165mm mineral loaded polypropylene cone that delivers a stiffer more punchy sound that Mission feels accurately reflects how bass should sound and is impressive for a smaller cabinet.

Onto the high points, this is where the 2022 Mission 700 forges its own path away from the original with the inclusion of a 28mm micro-fibre dome (as opposed to the originals 19mm variant) designed for superior high frequencies over than the original without sacrificing on the soundstaging that made the Mission 700 great first time around.


Mission 700 has taken the best of what the modern design age can offer with software coming into play on the crossover design that is designed for a perfect harmony between the bass/mid-range and treble units. This has been created via different circuitry using shorter run paths for purity of design that allows the drivers to work seamlessly with each other with a variety of musical genres.

Traditional Design

The cabinet is one area where Mission stayed close to the original design, but with a modern sprinkle with the use of real-wood veneering on top of modern day twin layer MDF. When combined together, these allow the drivers to do what they do best while minimising any possible hindrance from the cabinets, to truly enhance your listening experience.

Compact Choice

In early 2022 Mission fired up their time machine and went back to bring a legend from the past to the present day in the form of the 770, now Mission have once again stepped into the archives to reimagine another classic in the form of the more compact speaker – the Mission 700. A fantastic loudspeaker at a lower price that still knows how to play big.


- Speaker type: Two-way stand mount
- Enclosure type: Bass reflex
- Treble driver: 28mm microfibre dome
- Mid/bass driver: 165mm mineral-loaded polypropylene cone
- Sensitivity (2.8V @ 1m): 86dB
- Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
- Recommended amp power: 25-150W
- Frequency response (+/-3dB): 45Hz-20kHz
- Bass extension (-6dB): 38Hz
- Crossover frequency: 3kHz
- Cabinet volume: 24.8L
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 510x260x270mm
- Weight (each speaker): 12.8kg
- Stand dimensions (HxWxD): 485x320x330mm

The New... Mission 700 Modern Classic Speakers

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