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The latest integrated amplifier from Pioneer created under the original Direct Energy concept incorporates the newly developed Direct Energy Design, pursuing high S/N ratio to create an overwhelming and life-like sound field. With features including isolated power supply, custom-made large capacitors, Direct Function, Power Amp Direct Mode, aluminium volume knob/front panel, and phono MM input, you can enjoy crisp, clear sound just as intended by the artists.

Incorporating Direct Energy design and a high signal to noise ratio, the A-40AE delivers an incredibly life-like sound field. An isolated power supply with separated windings for the pre-amplifier, power amp and controls ensures the prevention of any mutual noise interference. The custom made large capacitors have been developed as an exclusive pure audio capacitor, whilst direct function bypasses extra circuits except for the volume to offer a pure listening experience without any added colour to the audio.

The A-40AE amplifier contains a phono (MM) input, allowing you to directly connect your turntable to enjoy a high quality vinyl experience. There are also optical and coaxial digital inputs to connect to your TV, letting you enhance the ordinary sound of the TV with an upgraded quality. Hi-Res audio is also supported, and capable of playing up to 192 kHz sampling rate. The speaker terminal outputs feature non-magnetic material, making it less susceptible to external noise, whilst transmitting the signal at a high quality rate. There are two sets of speaker outputs to allow for individual or parallel use. Additionally, the amplifier contains five extra analogue inputs, an analogue line out, as well as a headphone output on the front panel.

Pioneer’s Direct Energy design is based on the philosophy of transferring energy from the amplifier directly to the speakers without any loss. As a result, the A-40AE features an optimised power supply and internal layout. With shorted signal pathways, audio distortion and noise are lessened significantly, resulting in a clear and detailed sound.

The Anti-Standing Wave Insulator features a form containing no internal parallel sides to prevent cavity resonance. Overall, this design improves the sound stage, tone and scale, in addition to helping the seamless connection between the two channels, and responsive to quick sound.

  • 60w per channel (4 ohms) integrated amplifier
  • Isolated power supply to prevent noise interference
  • Direct Function offers a pure listening experience bypassing extra circuitry
  • Phono (MM) analogue input, plus five additional analogue inputs
  • Optical and Coaxial digital inputs to connect to TV
  • Direct Energy technology reduces distortion and signal noise
  • Anti-Standing Wave Insulator with no parallel sides to prevent resonances
  • Aluminium front panel and control knobs

Pioneer A-40AE Integrated Stereo Amplifier

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