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Pioneer SE-Monitor 5 Hi-Res Audio Stereo Headphones. Available with Online Finance and Free Delivery.

The SE-MONITOR5 are a fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphone which provide an excellent listening environment, focus is placed on faithful reproduction of High Resolution 24bit Audio formats. Yet Pioneer has voiced them to convey music’s emotional intent for a listening experience that moves mind and soul. Achieving this meant exploring new driver materials, innovating structures that limit resonance, and introducing proven technologies unveiled with our SE-MASTER1 flagship. Blending time-tested approaches with the latest in materials science, these headphones let music unfurl over a vast soundstage with localization, detail, and control that’s captivating. Shipping with balanced and unbalanced cords, the SE-MONITOR5 presents a unique opportunity to reignite your passion for music in comfort and style.

Custom driver for Hi-Res audio
Biology meets technology in an all-new Cellulose Nano-Fiber headphone transducer. Organic wood pulp refined on the nano-scale forms the basis for a 5 Hz–85 kHz-capable 50 mm driver built for one purpose: fidelity to the source brimming with the magic in every great musical performance.

Built to Eliminate Distortion
The only vibrations you feel with the SE-MONITOR5 are good. In every aspect and structural detail, innovative ideas are applied to wipe resonance distortion from the audio image. From materials selection, unique dual-chamber system, diffuser technology, to floating structure, the SE-MONITOR5 delivers a clear and unblemished sonic picture.

Magnesium Alloy Base and Housing Eliminates Resonance
Base and housing construction have a significant impact on sound quality. Rather than plastic, the SE-MONITOR5 employs super-rigid magnesium-alloy material that allows the transducer to achieve best performance. Enjoy taut, clearly defined bass with accurate spatial sound placement that’s true to the source.

Support for Balanced and Unbalanced Audio
Three cords are included: two unbalanced bi-wire cords featuring standard 3.5 mm stereo connectors, and one balanced audio cord with a 2.5 mm 4-pole stereo plug to suit compatible DAPs. Experience enhanced stereo separation and S/N performance afforded by balanced audio on headphones that take this sensation to new heights. Comfort comes with 3D memory-foam pads wrapped in velour-type cloth or soft leather-type material, and adjustable hangers to assure a secure fit.

Double Chamber Construction with Ports and Unique Diffuser
Headphone housings are made wide to expand main chamber volume and allow for a thicker housing mold, taming resonance. Main chambers have unique sculpted diffusers that disperse sound pressure into ported sub-chambers relieved by vents. The patented design reduces sound pressure level behind the driver to assure taut, clean, well-defined bass. Further, the system attenuates sound leakage.

Full Basket System
Harnessing the same construction techniques used for the SE-MASTER1, the SE-MONITOR5 features a Full Basket System to facilitate energetic sound reproduction and suppress unwanted resonance. A magnesium alloy part firmly secures the driver assembly to magnesium alloy base with screws, not glue, as is common with other headphones.

Supplied with Two Pairs of Premium Earpads
The SE-MONITOR5 features the same sculpted 3D memory-foam cushion design featured on our SE-MASTER1 headphones. Wrapped in soft velour-type cloth, the pads easily detach should you wish to change to supplied soft leather-type earpads. Whichever you choose, expect hours of immersive listening in total comfort.


Headphone Type: Fully-enclosed Dynamic Headphones
Driver Units: 50 mm Cellulose Nano-Fiber Wide-Spectrum Driver
Impedance: 40 Ohms
Frequency Response: 5 Hz–85 kHz
Sensitivity: 99 dB
Maximum Input Power: 1,000 mW
Magnesium Alloy Base and Housing to Reduce Resonance
Advanced Double Chamber Construction with Ports for Bass Definition and Clarity
Magnesium Alloy Housing with Original Diffuser to Reduce Distortion
Copper-coated Aluminum Voice Coil and Large Magnet
Full-frame Magnesium Alloy Basket with Screws
Floating Structure with Rubber Insulators to Reduce Vibration and Cross-channel Interference
Separate Super Duralumin Alloy Hangers
Padded Headband with Finely Adjustable Slider Mechanism
3D Sculpted Earpads for Excellent Comfort and Seal
Memory-foam Earpads Wrapped in Comfortable Velour-type Cloth or Soft Leather-type Material (Factory Default: Velour-type Cloth)
Detachable Cord Design for Sound Personalization and Service

Pioneer SE-Monitor5 Hi-Res Audio Stereo Headphones ( Monitor 5 )

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