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Project Leather-IT Leather Turntable Mat Upgrade with free delivery.

The Pro-Ject Leather-IT turntable mat has been designed to enhance the sound of your turntable. Sized to sit on a 12" platter, the Leather-IT offers a better playback surface than other felt or cork alternatives.

The mat improves performance by reducing vibration transfer to the playing surface, allowing your cartridge to deliver a more stable high-fidelity performance. The high-friction but smooth surface also allows for fluid record rotation with minimal slip, resulting in pin-point timing during playback.

Key Features
12" Leather turntable mat
Black suede finish
Reduces vibration transfer to the record
Minimises slip, allowing for smooth playback
Please note: May not be suitable for turntable models without adjustable VTA.
Please note: May reduce the possibility of using a record clamp.




Pro-Ject Leather-IT Leather Turntable Mat Upgrade


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