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Placing HiFi components on the Quadraspire Q4 EVO Table promises a reduction in resonance, a lowered noise floor, and a wider soundstage, ultimately leading to an improved HiFi audio experience.

Quadraspire's commitment to superior audio quality begins with the deliberate avoidance of parallel lines on the rack's shelves. This meticulous approach eliminates the risk of resonance, a common issue with rectangular shelves, and ensures that sound remains clear and undistorted. Drawing inspiration from musical instrument design principles, Quadraspire prioritises resonance-free construction.

The shelves on Quadraspire's HiFi racks feature intricate machining to minimise resonance, resulting in a lower noise floor and a more expansive soundstage. This precision craftsmanship not only enhances sound quality but also optimises overall HiFi system performance. Every shelf on the rack boasts chamfered edges, meticulously designed to disperse energy and further enhance sound quality. These thoughtful details guarantee a cleaner and more accurate audio output, allowing customers to enjoy their HiFi systems to the fullest.

Quadraspire opts for solid aluminum columns and feet instead of steel tubes to ensure superior stability. Steel can introduce resonance and distort sound, but aluminum's significantly reduced resonance makes it the ideal choice, providing a sturdy and distortion-free foundation for HiFi components.

Quadraspire employs solid bamboo ply for the rack's shelves, a material known for its exceptional vibration-suppressing properties. Bamboo not only enhances audio quality but also upholds a carbon-neutral footprint. Rigorous testing of various materials led to this eco-friendly choice, guaranteeing undistorted sound from customers' HiFi systems.

Influenced by materials found in musical instruments such as brass and bronze, Quadraspire has developed a bronze upgrade for all their racks. These materials effectively minimise resonance, further elevating the quality of HiFi audio.

Quadraspire's original HiFi racks offer various dimensions, weight limits, column lengths, and finishes, allowing customers to customise their choice based on specific preferences. With a selection of heights and finishes, including cherry, black, dark, and natural, customers can seamlessly integrate the rack into their style and living space.

The Quadraspire Q4 Evo table is £250 per shelf, with options for shelf colour, leg height/colour and upgrades available. Please call to discuss your specific requirements.

Bronze Upgrade Option
Avoids parallel lines
Chamfered Edges
Solid Bamboo Ply
Solid aluminium columns
SV32mm Matt Silver or Black Columns
Available heights are:
100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 210mm, 256mm, 326mm
A choice of spikes, flat feet or castors
Available in Cherry, Natural, Dark or Black Bamboo

Q4 EVO dimensions

Quadraspire Q4 Evo Bamboo 3 shelf Hi-Fi Table

From £11.07 per month

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